Morning Wood: No Games Edition

Here's non-exclusive video from CSN Philly of Ruben Amaro talking to Derrick Gunn. We just assume Amaro is lying with everything he says. Yeah, yeah, you don't need a right-handed bat. Whatever you say, Rube.

Why don't they call every interview Gunn does Gunn on One? I don't think there's a better faux-cheesy segment name.

Jim Salisbury writes about Cole Hamels' improved repertoire. As you likely know, he has learned a cutter and re-mastered his curveball. Since last year's all-star break, he is second the the Bigs with a 2.40 ERA. Wow.

Read more from Sully on Hamels, Ryan Madson's improvement, and Chase Utley's sage advice to young steed Dom Brown.

Marcus Hayes, somehow without invoking race, talks about how tough it is going to be for the Phillies to keep Hamels. It is possible they could buy out his arbitration next year and offer him 3 years for $50 million, but I'm not sure he would take that. He's going to be entering the prime of his career and is one of the best pitchers in baseball. He could make A LOT more money.

Ryan Lawrence has a great article on Michael Stutes, in which he somehow works in Dominic Roussel. Very good read on the 24-year-old, who – I'm convinced – is poised to take over the city's top spot for cavorting. I look forward to covering this.

record crowd showed up for last night's Phillies Phestival, 6,800 fans.

The Phillies raised $893,000 to fight ALS last night. Standing ovation.

In addition to 23 autograph stations, there were three photo booths featuring Roy Halladay, Carlos Ruiz, and manager Charlie Manuel. Fans could also participate in games like Every Roll's A Winner, play the Citizens Bank Park Games of Baseball or purchase Grab Bags filled with a variety of memorabilia.

The live auction raised $47,750, and the silent auction raised $52,562. Twenty-five items were up for bid in the live auction while 115 items were available in the silent auction. The autographed Ryan Howard game-used helmet received the top silent auction bid of $3,000, followed by a tying bid of $1,500 for a Ryan Howard autographed game-used St. Patty's Day Jersey and $1,500 for an autographed 2011 Phillies baseball.

A game-used baseball from Roy Halladay's 2010 NLDS No Hitter (signed by both Halladay and Carlos Ruiz) received the top bid of $4,700 in the live auction, followed by a bid of $4,300 for a 2010 Roy Halladay Game-Used Home Jersey.


They really need to auction off a night out with Stutes- college girls have already begun to organize car washes.


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  1. @ fresh
    Agreed. I hate looking ahead to next season already, but you need to have Cole in that rotation. It’s to the point that if we have to lose Madson and Jimmy to keep Cole, you have to do it.
    We might have an Atlanta situation next year in the bullpen, and I would be fine with that.

  2. Really since like around this time last year there hasn’t been a better pitcher in baseball other than Halladay. Losing Madson would be tough, but much easier to find a righthanded reliever than a frontline lefty starter.

  3. LOL love that last line about Stutes. That would raise enough money to keep Cole.

  4. I hope we don’t loose Cole either. With Ruben and right handed bats, who are we possibly looking at besides the rumors of Pence, Josh Willingham, or Michael Cuddyer?

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