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The number one search result in Urban Dictionary for "bastid" is this:

Phrase commonly yelled while watching the greatest left handed reliever of all time, Antonio Bastardo of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Slow going this morning. Taking my car for an inspection and am surrounded by a very diverse cross section of humanity in the waiting room: the guy next to me looks like a respected scholar, but the older gentleman across the room with the something-stained camo cap hasn't breathed for a good three minutes. Someone should check on him. Anyway, you're here for The Wood.

Can someone please tell me why anyone cares about Bernard Hopkins speaking to the team? A quick check of the major sites shows that they all covered it, mostly in a positive fashion. I understand Charlie Manuel's reasoning for bringing "The Executioner" in to address the squad. I get that you can improve your craft from listening to someone in a different profession (I often try to emulate strategies employed by a wide range of successful folk- from brewers to tech execs), but is this really news? And by news, I mean does anyone care?

The last time B-Hop stepped into a local locker-room, he came away hating (then verbally trashing) Donovan McNabb. Why? Because Five didn't fawn over him. I guess RyHow is in for it- he didn't even put his MacBook down to greet the great one. And since Hopkins is so fond of pointing out "Uncle Toms," it's worth noting that he was wearing Ray-Bans. Hood, yo.

As you know, the Phillies won last night, 2-1.

Billy Lyon, legend, wonders if Roy Oswalt did permanent damage to his back by pitching through the pain. 

Geek Johah Keri says the Red Sox are the best team in baseball. They lost last night to eight innings of pitching that started the season in AAA.

Brad Lidge could pitch in the minors next week.

Michael Stutes, setup man, talks about joing Twitter.

Now, it's almost all interaction with fans, answering questions like who wins in a fight between him, the Dos Equis "Interesting Man" and Chuck Norris or if the bullpen plays Monopoly when Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee pitches.

"It's still weird to me," Stutes said. "I don't get it."


Get it, Mike.