Mourning Carts: Mike Richards and Jeff Carter Traded, Bryzgalov Deal Reached

Jeff_carter_mike_richardsIt's been fun, "The Future"

UPDATE: The Flyers have reportedly reached an agreement with Ilya Bryzgalov: 9 years, $51 million. Oh my.

UPDATE 2: Paul Holmgren is holding a press conference at 6 P.M.

Here are the details: The Flyers have traded Mike Richards to Los Angeles in exchange for Brayden Schenn, Wayne Simmonds, and a second round pick.

They also traded Jeff Carter to Columbus in exchange for Jakub Voracek, plus first and third round draft picks.

Voracek, 21, scored 14 goals and 32 assists in 80 games last season. He is currently a restricted free agent.

Schenn, 19, has played in nine career NHL games (both last season) and has two assists.

Simmonds, 22, scored 14 goals and 16 assists in 80 games last season.

Schenn and Voracek are highly regarded young players. But the Flyers have just traded away their captain and leading goal scorer for potential (a lot of potential, it seems) and a goalie.

A team that was within two games of the Stanley Cup in 2010 and one of the best in hockey this past year, is now without its core. This is like bizarro Flyers.

Bryz might be spectacular. However, his track record is less than that of either Richards or Carter. Ed Snider's demand for a goalie has, apparently, meant blowing up the franchise. Maybe it will work… maybe it won't. Either way, the Flyers just changed the future of the team. 

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  1. They also got a first round pick (8th overall), 2nd round pick, and third round pick. I’m glad they moved Richards; I’m not a fan. I’m disappointed about Carter but not surprised. I think management decided that there were too many locker room issues and I think Richards and Carter got the blame.

  2. And this is why I could care less about this fucking team.
    Let’s trade away 2 of our best players for nobodies. Carter I could KIND OF understand..but Richards? Your best 2 way player? Your core signed on the cheap? FUck this team.

  3. I actually feel sick. This one is going to take a long time to recover from – I was looking forward to seeing Richards in the Orange and Black for years. Also feel like the Kings just got closer to the Cup than the Flyers are – even if they get Bryz.

    I think I’m going to go throw up, seriously.

  5. Schenn is a stud. Simmonds, eh. But still I never thought this day would come. Seriously. wtf.

  6. Fuck. Why Richie. I felt like he was just starting to warm to the role as the C. What the deuce man. I feel sick. Absolutely devastated about the one eight. the team just got way less cool as well. Richards is a bad ass who would step to anyone.

  7. Nightlife for Carter in Ohio blows;
    Richards is going to be f*****g some kind of reality star/D List actor in LA next season

  8. What the hell is going on here…who is going to score now…that kind of pressure can’t be good for Giroux and JVR

  9. you guys are nuts. have you ever been to isanyoneup? ohio girls are nuts. he’ll love it.

  10. I actually like this deal. We get a lot younger, a veteran, top tier goalie, get some great draft spots in a good crop of draft talent, plus we have cash on the side for any future pick-ups once the season is underway.
    I guess Pronger’s the new captain?

  11. Snider and Holmgren were convinced their snobby, bland Captain could not get them over the top. I’m sick of the both of them and I’m happy the whole Center City Mafia is phased out.
    Priorites were never straight for those two, especially Carter and it transferred to the ice. They were more interested in booze and women. I want a guy who has no life and only lives to play hockey (Kimmo Timonen).

  12. Gotta think the team is going for a longtime nucleus of young talent…JVR and Giroux showed they can step up and take over the reigns for Richie and Carts, got the 1st round pick they wanted so you have to think they have a specific target, 7 year deal for a top notch goalie (who is going to have a hard time performing at a high enough level to keep this fanbase happy and consider his signing worth it), and get to keep Leino. Briere now takes on the top A and Pronger gets the C. Wow.

  13. Both players were meant to grow as leaders, and both of them let the team down. Carter is a complete no show in the playoffs, and Richards didn’t deserve to keep the “C” anyway. These are some young, quality players the Flyers are picking up, not to mention the draft picks. Get your heads out of the past.

  14. i hope they get rid of carcillo too. wont need him anymore. simmonds put up better numbers and fights…plus he’s black

  15. OMG, you people are so overdramatic. Explain to me if “Richie” was so good, why only 2 goals in the playoffs dating back to game 5 of the 2010 Conference Finals (one being an empty netter)… explain why Carter gets injured once playoff time rolls around (twice in the last two seasons)… and if these two were so good, WHY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH WERE THEY NOT PAIRED TOGETHER THIS SEASON???
    You all overrate them. Their contracts were a mistake, and Holmgren rectified it. Now they have prospects, a top-10 draft pick and enough cap room to make some room for players BESIDES Ilya.
    And you Flyers fans wonder why nobody takes you seriously…

  16. this would have been alot easier to swallow if dustin brown was involoved with the richie trade… with that being said, bryzy better not let a goal in all season. all jokes aside we are now about 50 goals in the hole going into next season. fuck.

  17. This pretty much tells us that all of those rumors about Richards & Lavy not getting along were all true.
    Just wish we had gotten more back in return.
    Schenn had better be goood!

  18. Kyle, you have to put a Richards/Carter nightlife carousing tribute up in the next couple days

  19. SABUFU… your not a hockey fan… you dont put your best players on the same line moron. especially when both are centers. And signing Bryz was to get them a cup this season… now they are farther away… thats whats annoying.

  20. Richards had to go, his belly aching and lack luster playoff performance was enough for me to give “Michael” Richards the boot. What a diva asking to be referred to as Michael Richards instead of Mike Richards. C’mon man.
    As for Carter, I am sad to see him leave. He had a lot of potential to be the biggest face of this franchise since the Legion of Doom days. Enjoy the abyss between Pennsylvania and Indiana Carts.

  21. Interesting note on the Bryzgalov deal… it’s a $5.6M hit against the cap. In perspective, Lundqvist is $6.88M and Luongo is $5.33M.

  22. as of now i think its safe to say that ed snider is no ruben amaro jr., but i do hope i eat those words…

  23. Good luck to them this year. I won’t be watching. Trade your core players away for who? Ed Snider’s typical overreaction. They’ve never had a long-term plan. That’s why they haven’t won a cup in 35 years.

  24. Rumor’s out that either Stamkos or Brad Richards are being looked into now that there’s money available.

  25. They were not better than Wash, Pittsburgh and Boston status quo. This is a bold move and I love it.

  26. It does free up a lot of money, those two contracts were going to be tough to deal with for that amount of time (see Illya’s now, signed till he’s 72 years old)…they get younger, have guys to step up, no clog of centers forcing people out of position….guess the more it sets in, I like it more. Now the chicks of jersey shore may not like it, guess JVR and Giroux will have to step it up in that arena as well. Maybe Giroux will now get his own place to live.

  27. Let’s hope Richards takes is collection of Yankee’s hats with him. I will miss the mornig Carts 🙁

  28. @Henry, schenn has played 9 games he is unproven by far(does he have potential, probably) but as of now he is no where near a stud. simmonds is a filler I think that is a wasted part of this trade. But if the rumor is true that they are looking hard at Stamkos then I am ok with this trade. Brad Richards would be a terrible choice, he is in te ass end of his career and not playing like he used to in any part of his game.

  29. Rich, you are right, he is unproven at the NHL level. But he did a lot of damage out in the WHL. His potential is off the charts really. Im not saying that it makes me feel better about the Richards trade, just that he is the stud of the trade. Sucks, I was a Richards fan. Thought he was going to stay here and lift the cup here

  30. I know about how Scheen hasn’t “proved” anything yet. but he sure showed enough to make several NHL teams try to acquire him in a trade…At the end of the year everyone was complaining about Richards and throughout the WHOLE season everyone was whining that Carter is the most inaccurate scorer playing. Now that they are gone you whine? This is what had to be done to acquire Bryz.
    ALSO, with all these picks and cap space don’t be surprised if a second move to bring in a goal scorer occurs. The possibilities and potential are exciting. WE HAVE MONEY NOW!!!

  31. I think that picture is taken at the Princeton… and I bet that is where that clown Carter is right now.
    I am bummed about Richie….

  32. i felt like carter and richards were led on by the front office, i mean BOTH of them were thinking they would be repping orange and black till they are blue in the face, but i guess not. it sucks! im like shocked, and i actually cried a little when i learned they were both gone. thanks for everything boys, we’ll miss you and i love you guys, and youll both always be a broad street bully at heart, best wishes to both of you

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