Now, It’s Personal

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I'm telling you, Homer killed a made man. That doesn't happen unless it comes from on-high (Snider).

You can fully expect Richie to go all Liam Neeson in Taken during his few trips back here. There are two things you don't mess with, a guy's daughter and his drinking buddy. It's going to be Richie's personal crusade to destroy the Flyers… which may include tying up and torturing Homer in the "Visitors 2" locker room.

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41 Responses

  1. personal crusade to destroy us one game a year? i’ll take my chances as far as games against the kings go…but homer might wanna watch his back in the owners box. i could see a richards/handzus/roenick/stevens/murray/lombardi combo pull a john wilkes booth on him.

  2. Seriously? Mature much?
    I admit that I like Richie and a shame to see him go and how it went down, but this spoiled child act is pretty old.
    How upset would you be if your life included being is LA with millions of dollars playing ice hockey? Yeah – i’m ok with that “business”.

  3. ^^^
    That’s probably a more annoying response to him. The money is great, but he ultimately wanted to be here.

  4. David Boreanaz keeps Retweeting Richie’s statements and then saying the Flyers handled things poorly.
    Both of them need to grow up a little. DB has heard one side of the story. No one know what really went on in that locker room the past year. No one is willing to come forward and explain what the issue was.
    I still do not believe signing Bryzgalov was the only motivation in this whole thing. Carter and Richards had to have been traded for reasons the organization will never publicly state. Nor should they. What happens off the ice in that organization should stay among the players and front office (I’m talking personality clashes, off ice behavior). Otherwise we’ll just get a bunch of nasty mud slinging via media quotes and twitter posts.

  5. If he and Carter wanted to be here so badly they would have listened to the numerous of warnings and talks they had with management to “clean” up their act. Instead they thought they were untouchable and carried on with their hard partying ways. Well no one is unatouchable just like JVR’s agent said:
    “If they can trade Wayne Gretzky, they can trade anyone”
    Suck it up buttercup!

  6. If he wanted to be here he should have acted like a captain and he’d still be here. The main reason he got traded is the constant act he put on…not addressing the media or mumbling things under his breath if he didn’t like the questions, standing in the tunnel on fan appreciation day (the fucking CAPTAIN), etc. And let’s not forget the little show he put on when they asked him about going to the All-Star game last year and he sat there giggling with Carter and said he had more important things to do. Again, this is supposed to be the captain of one of the flagship franchises in the NHL. He got entirely too comfortable and cocky once he got that contract, bottom line. I’m going to miss the guy ON THE ICE, he almost always brought it, but to be honest I’d had enough of the off ice stuff and the fact that it may have caused a rift with “the Pronger side” of the locker room.

  7. @TommyK, umm it has nothing to do with it…where did I say anything critical about his play on the ice? A captain’s job in hockey is more than on the ice and I can see why maybe the Flyers got tired of their captain acting the way he did when he is supposed to be your ambassador and set the example for guys like Giroux and JVR.

  8. We are a funny bunch, Philly fans. We gripe & piss & moan when someone doesn’t want to play here or if they don’t “get” us. Then when the two biggest stars of our hockey team sign below-market deals to stay here for their entire careers & live (and play) in & around our city . . .but get dumped by the team for prospects (and that is pretty much what we got in return, mind you), we suddenly turn & say that we’re soooooooooooooo glad that these two losers are gone???
    If Homer had given this team a real goalie at any point in the last 5 years, we probably ALREADY have a Cup & none of these trades happen. Period.
    I hope Richards does well in LA. I still hate that trade. Homer had BETTER land Stamkos or this deal stinks.

  9. People are so ungrateful and what-have-you-done-for-me-lately.
    Number 1- Stop with the Yankees hat. You may not have liked it, but it in no way signifies he didn’t like the city.
    Number 2- What do YOU people care how he was with the media? If he was more open, would it have made YOU like him more? Or would the Philly media just told you he was a better guy more often, and then you would have liked him? Cause we have words for people like that- sheep. Speaking to the media has NOTHING to do with being the Captain. He was the Captain of the hockey team, not the Captain of the Flyers public relations’ department.
    Number 3- It’s not childish. Dude just got traded from the place where he (rightfully) fully expected to spend the rest of his career. Not to mention, it’s a pretty fucking awesome place to play hockey. It’s basically hockey heaven, in the United States at least. Now he’s gonna go somewhere where yes, he’ll have money and plenty of chicks, but he won’t be the star he was in Philly. I would be pretty upset about that as well.
    Number 4- You can like the deal (I don’t, until the other shoe drops, which I expect by Saturday), and can be glad we should be a better team because of it (again, I don’t believe that yet), but don’t disrespect the guy who was a cornerstone of some fun Flyers’ teams. Until the boys win a Cup in my lifetime, the ultimate moment I will remember for the Flyers will be “The Shift” against the Habs last year. You can’t make a play like that, shorthanded and as the Captain of the team, and be disrespected as much as he has been by so many “knowledgeable” hockey fans. Come on guys, respect what the guy did in a Flyers uni, it was pretty special.

  10. @ D
    If it were an athlete here that we didn’t like, let’s say TO, wearing a Yankees hat…you would rip him a new one…yes you would.
    Because its a guy like Richie, who had a pretty awesome career here…its kind of difficult to question why he would be wearing a Yankees hat. You would think a guy like he, living downtown and amongst the emotion of Philly, would be smart enough to know that wearing a Yankees hat (especially after losing to them in the WS) is making a personal statement.
    This all being said, it has absolutely nothing to do with his ability on the ice…which will obviously be missed till someone steps up.

  11. I’m getting sick of this. His lack of an effort in the playoffs and his attitude in general…don’t get me wrong I’ll miss him like hell and I didn’t LIKE to see him go…but I do like it at the same time. and its getting to the point that this is what I hear when I hear his statements/the drama

  12. Zachariah-
    They didn’t get it done THIS May or June. Carter didn’t get it done really in any May or June, and that’s why nobody was upset or surprised when he was traded. If you can’t see the impact Richards had in the run to the ECF vs the Penguins or the run to the Cup Finals last year, then you are, quite frankly, an idiot.

  13. @ It’s Gettin’ All Bryzzy Out There: Apparently I’m not the only one that thinks ya have a problem! Get over it. I have no problem with anyone wearing what they choose…unlike u….Moron!
    @Andy and J.T :well said!!
    @Kyle: keep up the great work!!

  14. Not to mention Richards played with a bum fucking wrist all season. You never once heard him say shit about it- he went out and played through it (which is exactly what we want our stars to do). All that came out after the season was that he had surgery on the wrist which had been injured since training camp. He never said boo. Think that might have had something to do with his lack of production this year? Call me crazy, but it seems to me the wrist is kind of important in touch passes and shots. Don’t know where I would get that crazy notion. I know many, many players get surgery and that they also played through injuries, but not many body parts would seem to be as important to scoring production as the wrist.

  15. No, all you said was “They didn’t get it done in May or June.” You specified NO years. So it’s kinda hard to read your mind. So just because a guy has ONE subpar playoffs, it’s time to get rid of him? Man, sure glad we got rid of Chase Utley and Ryan Howard after 2007, it sure would have been stupid to get rid of them because of one subpar playoff. They would have never worked out…

  16. Zach, I’m with you bud…we haven’t won the stanley cup and those months are seriously important. These other babies in here want their stuffed Richie dolls back…I want a cup. I wasn’t thrilled when they traded Brind a’mour, but I got over it. I’m sure most of these astute commenters weren’t even around for Brindy anyways…
    This is hockey, not the life time network. I want the cup, not a crybaby.

  17. Right, because when Brindy was traded (which I was around for)… it turned into a Cup, right?
    But even that was acceptable because we got back a PROVEN NHL leader in Primeau. The quality of the return was tangible, and helped us immediately.
    The reports on Schenn that I see? “This kid is going to be special in the NHL… he’s gonna be a great two way player… he’s the next (wait for it)… MIKE RICHARDS.” We already had Mike Richards, soooo that makes sense.
    Again, I’m not saying the offseason is a failure yet, but they have to make a major move before I say it was a success and worth giving up a 26 year old cornerstone.
    Yes, Richards partied all the time. He’s gonna grow out of that, and soon. His maturation just was going to take a little longer because he’s a MILLIONAIRE and didn’t have to stop partying like most of us did when we were 22-23 and had to start getting up early for work. When he does calm down (in the next year or two) he’s just going to get better and will grow into a great Captain. And we’ll miss out on that. That’s all I’m saying- the return better be a better product that what he becomes soon.

  18. And Gretzky requested the trade from the Kings to Blues.. and finally signed as a free agent with the Rangers. So, “if Gretzky can request to be traded, anyone can be traded?” I would fire your agent, JVR.

  19. The Oilers requested that Gretzky approve of a trade, he didn’t ask for it. He was very upset to begin with at having to leave Edmonton.

  20. Sorry I don’t make the rules, team goes into a slide leading up to playoffs, barely escapes the first round, then gets swept, heads are gonna roll. Besides it was obvious that the team wanted to take the ‘C’ off of Richards, how were they gonna do that and keep him on the team? The maturity with how he handled the trade only shows that he wasn’t ready to be captain.

  21. JT – Your Phillies comment holds no weight because in 2007 it was the first time they made it in almost 15 years, they were an up and coming team. This Flyers team actually dropped off from previous seasons.

  22. So wait, on one hand you say that I can’t use the Phillies example because you had to look at what they had done the previous years, but then you also say we had to dump Richards because of this playoffs and you couldn’t look at previous years. Woohoo for double standards to support your argument.

  23. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

  24. Go ahead and look at the previous years, How many cups did Richards & Carter bring to town? The same as I have ZERO! They’ve made 3 coaching changes its time the players were held accountable. Comparing the ’07 Phillies to the ’10-’11 Flyers is off base because the Phillies were just starting their rise, where the Flyers have been good for the past few years.

  25. If you believe it was Jeff Carter and Mike Richards, not a lack of goaltending, that led to them not winning a Cup in the previous years, well, I have nothing to say.

  26. You can’t complain about not having a good goalie, then complain when they make trades so they can acquire one. To quote you “Woo Hoo for double standards to support your argument.”

  27. You can quote me also as saying “I agree with the Carter trade, it had to be done” implying it had to be done to acquire the goaltender. Richards did not need to be traded as well.

  28. look ownership and GM’s will always take the high road in cases such as these. You think Homer is going to come out and say “we told those two to clean up their act like we told Upshall and Lupul to and they ignored us?” I’m sure there was another player we could throw in the mix.
    If Richards and Carter wanted to stay playing in Philly, they should have listened to what Homer, Snider, and Lavs were telling them. Probably Pronger was telling them also.
    They chose not to listen because they just wanted to do whatever they wanted to, and collect a paycheck and “coast” into the playoffs (see 2010-2011 season for supporting documentation).
    Richie’s insistence that he meet with Homer for his end of season interview instead of Lavs cemented his future, along with his pouty little 2 year old act with the press made me think he was on his way out.
    They might have signed discounted contracts, but they still needed to do what the franchised asked them to do. People need to realize that there was a lot more to this than will ever be reported. I wish the organization would come out like they did with the Lindros fiasco and just tell the truth, but that would have devalued their worth in a trade.

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