Video: Phillie Phanatic Taken to Hospital

Oh nos! Phanatic down!

According to the Allentown Morning Call, the Phanatic, who was visiting the Iron Pigs last night, was struck by a foul ball in the neck – more like the head of the Phanatic's buddy Tom Burgoyne – and taken to a local hospital:

The Phanatic was entertaining behind the first-base dugout in the top of the third inning when one of the Indianapolis Indians fouled a ball into his neck, a spot that roughly corresponds to Burgoyne's head.

The crowd gasped, but the Phanatic continued clowning around, drawing laughs as he acted wounded. A few minutes later, he talked with an assistant. Then they quietly left the stadium for the hospital.


1) The horror.

2) What a champ. It sounds like the Phanatic never broke character.

Jonathan Hoster was there, he described the scene thusly:


A hospital spokesperson told the morning call that both the Phanatic and Burgoyne were still receiving treatment at 10:15 P.M. and were released by midnight.

Phoebe wasn't available for comment. We imagine this is a very trying time for her.

Video – via NBC Philadelphia – after the jump.

H/T to Dan (@theonlydantos)

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11 Responses

  1. Reminds me of the story of the St. Joe’s Hawk staying in character after being jumped by some 2 bit mascot from Rhode Island. Never stopped flapping.

  2. I thought the injuries were bad last year, but this is just getting ridiculous! Thankfully, it wasn’t a line drive shot.

  3. Wait?!?! That’s a suit?! Now you’re going to tell me there’s no Tooth Fairy! (I know there’s a Santa Clause, because the media constantly reminds us that he was pelted by snowballs in Philadelphia).

  4. Truth in advertising, he went to the Iron Pigs to see future Philly stars. Just no one explained that would involve a concussion.

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