Phillies Designate J.C. Romero For Assignment

This might be the end for J.C. Ruben Amaro just announced that the Phillies have designated J.C. Romero for assignment to make room for Vance Worley. Romero will have the option of going to AAA if he isn't traded or claimed within 10 days.

Goodbye, Juan Carlos. I'll forever miss your celebratory fist-pumping crotch-grab combo (up, down, left, up, left, A, B, B, A on your Nintendo controller). Respect.

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8 Responses

  1. Can’t wait to watch him arrogantly strut into the iron pigs locker room…#hopefullyhellgetclaimedbysomeoneshitty

  2. wow, anytime you watch a player pitch and you think “well, he is either gonna walk him or give up a hit”….yep, he has to go..
    Danny “Joan” Baez is hopefully next…

  3. Its a shame he couldnt get back to his 08 form. We would have had a hell of a lot more trouble winning it in 08 without him. But we have the next big thing Antonio Bastardo! He is our lefty of the future! Sad that JC fell so far that he had to go, but glad that an underperforming overpaid, junk adjusting pitcher is gone! you did this to yourself JC, forced the phils hand!

  4. Just noticed something:
    (up, down, left, up, left, A, B, B, A on your Nintendo controller)
    Hey! I didn’t know you were a fan of ABBA! Cool! Do you sing “Dancing Queen” while playing videogames? Inquiring minds wanna know!

  5. About time. Guy is a mental train wreck. If everything does not go perfect he loses all focus. Starts cursing, talking to himself, taking long walks… Speaking of walks – he gives up a lot. He is in trouble every time he is on the mound as was the case with his last stint in a Phillies uniform. Great year in 2008 – steroids in 09 and a disaster from there forward. Sure that he will be picked up by another team — who is not headed for the World Series.

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