Plax is Repping Philly Hard


Short of pulling an Anthony Weiner and Tweeting pictures of his dick to Jeffrey Lurie, Plaxico Burress is doing everything he can to make it known he wants to land in Philadelphia. On Saturday, Clubshot Tweeted the above pic of him and his Lil' Man. 

It's got to be a pretty big thrill for Plax to see his kids on Father's Day. Jokes aside, the dude is trying to turn things around… But it wasn’t just one unfortunate incident. Police were twice called to Burress' house in 2008 to investigate domestic disturbances, and he has been sued nine times since joining the NFL in 2000. 

Lots of baggage here.

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4 Responses

  1. Maybe he’s in league with the Bloods or something. I’ve seen some shitty rappers wearing Phillies caps before for that reason. You never know!

  2. The Eagles need Plax about as much as the Phillies do. The Link is fast becoming a halfway house.

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