Plaxico Burress Leaves Jail Wearing a Phillies Hat

Awwwwww s^*t, someone wants to play in Philly.

In case you've been living in a cave or drinking your face off at the Jersey Shore for the last week, it's been widely rumored that Plaxico Burress may want to come play football with his buddy, Michael Vick. However, Jeff McLane reports that all of the interest is coming from Burress' side- and agent Drew Rosenhaus, who is friends with Eagles GM Howie Roseman. This might not make the most sense for the Eagles, anyway, seeing as though they already have speedy wide receivers DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin.

Either way, someone is starting the campaign early.

Burress_phillies_jailPhiladelphia Eagles: The NFL's Longest Yard

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18 Responses

  1. Not worried about having him to be a speedy WR. I will take him for a tall guy that can hawk balls in the red zone.

  2. Well, you can never have enough jailbirds on the roster to suit me. Sure, why not! Let’s give Plax a try and see what happens.

  3. I would have no problem if all 55 players on the roster were convicts, if it brought a Super Bowl to Philly.

  4. This brings to mind the following…
    “Please get out of my Van Halen t-shirt before you jinx the band and they break up”

  5. Change eagles colors to orange jumpsuits?
    or just add stripes??
    I would welcome plax. so long as he could be a legit threat. im sure they’ll do the due diligence on him. I bet he does wear the green next year though.

  6. Someone should tell Plax that if he really wanted to play for the Eagles, he just ruined the opportunity. He gave pub to the Phillies on his biggest relevance day in years- the Eagles now have him on their black list.
    They hate everyone that promotes anything Phillies.

  7. Hmm! J.T. has a point there. Plax might well have killed any chance he had of suiting up for the Birds after giving the Phightins publicity. Darn it all!

  8. Keep in mind our red zone offense sucked last year.
    Keep in mind he was one, if not the, biggest red zone threat when he played.
    Obviously we don’t know what shape this guy’s in, and while a cheap incentive-laden deal would make sense, his agent is still Rosendouche so that slimeball will be all NO HEZ FINE NO LESS 5 MIL/YEAR GIMME GIMME >_>
    With the right contract, this would be a no-brainer. But there’s no such thing as “right contract” when Rosenfag is in the picture.

  9. Not worried about having him to be a speedy WR. I will take him for a tall guy that can hawk balls in the red zone.

  10. If he’s anywhere close to where he was as a player before, can color inside the lines from now on, and won’t let Rosenhaus be an ass, then roll out the red carpet. Completely different kind of receiver than DeSean or Maclin, the kind that the Eagles have needed forever.

  11. hes not a receiver known for speed, hes known for being a big, strong, go-up-and-get-balls threat.

  12. so your boy Richards and Vick want to play in NY too since they rock Yankees gear? dont be a bigger moron then youre already are

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