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Buckle up, folks. Ever since Ed Snider whipped out his proverbial dick and demanded that Paul Holmgren land a goalie, most of us have assumed that the Flyers would overpay for one. They just might do that.

According to Nick Kypreos of (@realkyper), the Flyers and Team Bryz have a deal in place for around – this is the part where you make sure your tray table is in the upright position and all electronics are stowed away – $50 million over seven years. Seven.

Hearing Flyers and Bryzgalov have the basis of agreement in place for new long term deal. May not be announced till after July 1st. NHL tagging rules mean Flyers would have to move money off cap first before announcing July 1st. Heard Bryzgalov was looking for 7 yr/ 50M


Oh my. And those Russians thought communism was a good thing. Everybody don't get 'dat coin, yo.

Elliot Friedman of CBC (@FriedgeHNIC) gives us more:

Heard AAV will be around $7 million for Bryzgalov.


That's a lot of money in hockey dollars. To put it in perspective, the Flyers only have one player who will make over $6 million next year: Danny Briere at $6.5 M. Both Richie and Carts make in the mid-fives, respectively.

Dave Isaac of Philly Sports Daily spoke with Bryzgalov's agent, Rich Winter, who said "no, not done."

Either way, it looks like the Flyers will be looking at a massive contract.

Reports from yesterday say that the salary cap could be raised to $64 million for 2011-2012. According to, the Flyers already have $59 million tied up in only 18 players, not including Bryzgalov. – Does math – 59 + 7 = more than 64. Someone needs to go.

Ed Snider, who spoke Frank Seravalli at the NHL Awards last night, wouldn't comment on the Carts rumors, but did seem to indiciate that the team would part ways with Ville Leino. []

While Snider wouldn't comment on specifics – including rumors that have surfaced about trade talks including Jeff Carter – he did echo one of Holmgren's sentiments about soon-to-be unrestricted free agent and possible cap casualty Ville Leino.

Someone will have to go.

"I think Ville played very well for us," Snider said. "I'm really hoping that we can find a way to keep him, because I think he was an important asset for us."


Leino is an unrestricted free agent and not included in the $59 million figure. The Flyers would likely be able to structure Bryz's purported contract in a way that would make next year's cap hit less than $7 million. Still, someone would most likely need to go.

Our old friend Steve Whyno – respect – got his inner geek on, which I imagine wasn't hard for him, and figured out a roster that would allow the Flyers to keep One Seven.

Travis over at Broad Street Hockey does not like paying a goalie $7 million. But I raise you this, Travis: Like a pitcher in baseball, a goalie is one of the few positions in sports that can win a team a championship irrespective of the players around him. Just ask the Bruins.

While Bryz isn't the best goalie in the league, he would certianly be the best one the Flyers have had since the late-1980s, which was almost a decade after they won their last Cup… with an all-world goalie.

Ed Snider is tired of losing and, frankly, I am too. Just keeps Carts, the city won't be the same without his stick… and his 30 goals per year.


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  1. Let’s just say I wouldn’t lose sleep if Michael Richards is in another sweater next season and if you believe Howard Eskin (and doing so wouldn’t be a bad thing cause he’s been on point when it comes to the Flyers) the boss wouldn’t either.

  2. If the Flyers trade Mike Richards it would be counted as perhaps one of the dumbest moves in history. It wont happen. Carter is probably viewed as semi-disposable at this point considering JVR and Giroux are heating up. I still dont want to get rid of Carts tho. He is just a Flyer plain and simple. I really dont think they will do a deal at 7, I really dont. Thomas is the only guy who should pull in at that amount, especially now since he has a cup. But Bryz is unproven.
    This would be bad. Especially because Bob is right there on the cusp. God damn lets hope it doesnt happen. Carle and Versteeg to FLorida. Bryz at 5.5 and resign Ville. Is that possible? Im not even sure, but that would be a dream roster. Hate to see Carle go though, he was a good lad.

  3. I knew we’d have to over pay for a goalie, but sheesh. I hope we can dump Carle and, while we’re at it, ‘Steeg. Hopefully that will calm down this reported deal.
    I think Gustafsson can take over for Carle and do well in a full season. As for replacing Versteeg that’ll be a little harder. I know Versteeg blew it this year, but we’re still losing a winger and we don’t have anything to really replace him nor do we have many early round picks in the draft (thanks to him coincidentally). I don’t want to lose Leino or Carter, those would be bad moves.

  4. the reason versteeg didnt do that great was because he was acquired at the trade deadline. with a full training camp he will do much better. leino is a puck hog, losing him would not be that big of a hit. i think carle will get traded, i think his cap hit is 3.5? which is a lot, but it will get us under the cap if bryz gets his 7

  5. Until actual numbers come out, 7.14 per year will be what Bryz WANTS, but not what he GETS.
    If he really is that much, the team should cut him loose, have him look around the league and realize he’s not getting that kind of coin anywhere else. He’ll be humbled and return for a more reasonable contract… Losing Carter IS NOT an option.

  6. The only reason to keep Carter is to keep the “Mornin’ Carts” feature. Yes, he scores 30 goals in the regular season, but offensive production is not exactly a problem for this team, and Giroux will be near there this season. Carter also scores a lot of goals when it doesn’t matter, like when he scores multiple goals in a rout. Not to mention, he has done NOTHING in the playoffs and has been injured in two straight playoff years. If someone is willing to take a chance on an injury prone and inaccurate player with a 10 year deal, I’m all for it. Get rid of him, Versteeg, Shelley, and Carcillo. Keep Leino, Powell and Nodl. Bring up Wellwood, Read, Rinaldo and Sestito. Sign a third line D-man. Those moves plus a legit goalie keeps us at 3 solid scoring lines plus a checking line, 3 solid D pairs and a LEGIT goalie with a stud backup.

  7. I guess nobody gets the part where Holmgren and Winter say anything about numbers heard anywhere but from the 2 of us is just a rumour. good to see Kypreos is still a slug. It appears all those times he was knocked out cold and bloodied have sadly taken it’s toll. He was a tool as a Ranger and still is.

  8. Any thoughts on how a dump of Hartnell’s $4.2M cap hit would allow Bob to stay and a raise for Leino?

  9. to sean o’mara
    Go to broadstreethockey and look at what they wrote up about Jeff Carter. He would be the last person you would want to see this team dispose of. He was the best defensive forward on the team, put in the defensive zone more then the offensive zone, faced the toughest competition and still got 40 goals while allowing very few. He should be one of the last people want to see gone along with richards.

  10. As much as I like Carters defensive play and his team leading numbers in goal scoring, he’s the only player that A.) Has a manageable cap hit for his skill set, and B.) Will give us the most return in a trade. Homer would have to have no less than a top 10 draft pick, an ELC (Entry Level Contract) player with high upside or two, and two prospects, or else the trade wouldn’t be worth it.

  11. My real concern is, JVR’s contract is up after next year. And he wont be making less than a million like he is now.
    If Carter/Richards/Briere aren’t gone after this year, one of those 3 has to be gone to fit JVR. If that means getting rid of Carter now, so be it.
    Sit here and tell me the Flyers offense with Richards/Briere/JVR/Giroux is better than what Boston just kicked our ass and hoisted a trophy with.
    And i’ll flip my own shit on the walls of the WFC if they let JVR leave.

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