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Buckle up, folks. Ever since Ed Snider whipped out his proverbial dick and demanded that Paul Holmgren land a goalie, most of us have assumed that the Flyers would overpay for one. They just might do that.

According to Nick Kypreos of (@realkyper), the Flyers and Team Bryz have a deal in place for around – this is the part where you make sure your tray table is in the upright position and all electronics are stowed away – $50 million over seven years. Seven.

Hearing Flyers and Bryzgalov have the basis of agreement in place for new long term deal. May not be announced till after July 1st. NHL tagging rules mean Flyers would have to move money off cap first before announcing July 1st. Heard Bryzgalov was looking for 7 yr/ 50M


Oh my. And those Russians thought communism was a good thing. Everybody don't get 'dat coin, yo.

Elliot Friedman of CBC (@FriedgeHNIC) gives us more:

Heard AAV will be around $7 million for Bryzgalov.


That's a lot of money in hockey dollars. To put it in perspective, the Flyers only have one player who will make over $6 million next year: Danny Briere at $6.5 M. Both Richie and Carts make in the mid-fives, respectively.

Dave Isaac of Philly Sports Daily spoke with Bryzgalov's agent, Rich Winter, who said "no, not done."

Either way, it looks like the Flyers will be looking at a massive contract.

Reports from yesterday say that the salary cap could be raised to $64 million for 2011-2012. According to, the Flyers already have $59 million tied up in only 18 players, not including Bryzgalov. – Does math – 59 + 7 = more than 64. Someone needs to go.

Ed Snider, who spoke Frank Seravalli at the NHL Awards last night, wouldn't comment on the Carts rumors, but did seem to indiciate that the team would part ways with Ville Leino. []

While Snider wouldn't comment on specifics – including rumors that have surfaced about trade talks including Jeff Carter – he did echo one of Holmgren's sentiments about soon-to-be unrestricted free agent and possible cap casualty Ville Leino.

Someone will have to go.

"I think Ville played very well for us," Snider said. "I'm really hoping that we can find a way to keep him, because I think he was an important asset for us."


Leino is an unrestricted free agent and not included in the $59 million figure. The Flyers would likely be able to structure Bryz's purported contract in a way that would make next year's cap hit less than $7 million. Still, someone would most likely need to go.

Our old friend Steve Whyno – respect – got his inner geek on, which I imagine wasn't hard for him, and figured out a roster that would allow the Flyers to keep One Seven.

Travis over at Broad Street Hockey does not like paying a goalie $7 million. But I raise you this, Travis: Like a pitcher in baseball, a goalie is one of the few positions in sports that can win a team a championship irrespective of the players around him. Just ask the Bruins.

While Bryz isn't the best goalie in the league, he would certianly be the best one the Flyers have had since the late-1980s, which was almost a decade after they won their last Cup… with an all-world goalie.

Ed Snider is tired of losing and, frankly, I am too. Just keeps Carts, the city won't be the same without his stick… and his 30 goals per year.