Rumor Party: The Sixers May Trade Andre Iguodala

"You might wanna kiss me goodbye…"

Sixers news does exist!

After a minor blip on Friday regarding a potential Andre Iguodala trade for Hedo Turkoglu, the new rumor is another trade involving Iggy. But this time, it seems to have a bit more life.

ESPN's Ric Bucher is saying that the Sixers and the Golden State Warriors are discussing a deal that would send Iguodala to the West Coast in exchange for the Warriors' leading scorer, Monta Ellis.

Although such a move would mean the tragic end of our Portrait of a Leader series ::tear::, it would be a clear sign that the Sixers are willing to move on and begin a new era with the team… sort of.

While Ellis is not as good as Iguodala is defensively, he certainly serves as more of an impact scorer. The trade will also save the Sixers more than $10 million over the next three seasons, but the contract of Elton Brand will continue to be a finanicial handcuff for the team until his deal expires after the 2012-13 season.

My feeling is that Sixers fans are excited about this move because it's something different and/or they're frustrated with the decision making they've seen from Iguodala in the past. However, Jordan Sams of Liberty Ballers makes a compelling argument that the Sixers already have an Ellis-like player on their roster. Sams compared the numbers of Ellis and Sixers guard Lou Williams and calculated what they would look like if both players logged similar playing time. Below were his findings:

Per 36

Ellis – 21.5 points, 5 assists, 3.1 rebounds, 1.9 steals

Williams – 21.2 points, 5.2 assists 3.1 rebounds, 1.0 steal

The only significant advantage Monta had over Lou is his field goal percentage of 45, opposed to 41 for Lou. However; when free throws and threes are factored in, the players' true shooting percentages are identical. Lou got to the line 2.5 more times per 36, and shot a slightly better percentage (82% to 79%). He also made 0.3 more threes per 36, but shot a slightly lower percentage than Monta (36% to 35%).


Did that rain on your parade a little bit? Sams' research made me a bit less optimistic from when I initially heard the news, but part of me would still want to get the deal done… probably because I've wanted Iggy out of here for quite some time. If not a trade for Ellis, a trade for someone else. Sometimes, something different is better than the same old thing.

What say you, Sixers faithful?


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  1. Putting in my two cents worth (readjusted for inflation), I’d rather the Sixers trade AI 2.0 for a much needed center, not another swingman as our roster is already infested with them. If Iggy, alone or with another player, could land us say, Nene, Marc Gasol, Tyson Chandler or, and this would be an intriguing idea, Greg Oden (provided he could stay healthy), I’d be a happy camper as I want Iggy gone in the worst possible way.

  2. Why do you compare Lou Will to Ellis? How about Iguodala’s Offensive Numbers to Ellis? Saying the Sixers do not need more offense because “they already have a player like Ellis” is like saying the Phillies couldnt use Ryan Braun because Ryan Howard already hits Home Runs.

  3. sometimes that numbers can say misleading things… if you watch lou will and ellis play, it is obvious that ellis is a much much better player. this deal would be a huge improvement to this team, especially since it opens up room for turner who showed his potential in the miami series. if the warriors agree to this deal, the sixers need to get it done.

  4. I like Iguodala and think he’s the superior player because of his defense and all-around game but I’d still do the deal. Face it, 76ers aren’t winning anything anytime soon (LeBron & Wade) so I like the move because Ellis is a little cheaper, a little younger (2 years), and mostly because he plays off the ball allowing Holiday to have the ball in his hands to run the offense. The biggest thing I took from the playoffs this year was seeing that Holiday is ready to breakout. However the offense in the 4th was always run through Iguodala. If he gets moved it will give Holiday and chance to grow and have the chance to be an upper echelon point guard for years to come. Iguodala is stalling that growth

  5. id takk a bag uv ballZ for dis dude….i balled widd ppl in hi skool bedder den him~~>

  6. Why compare Lou Will and Ellis? Lou is good, but off the bench. He’s not a full time starter. He wears down. I prefer his energy off the bench and int he 4th quarters. He’s that killer instinct we need when it’s crunch time.

  7. Iggy needs to go. Even if all the get is a few used balls thats fine with me. Ellis is way overrated and not a good fit.

  8. How can you say Ellis isn’t a good fit. There are two things the Sixer’s need to address this offseason and thats someone who can score at will when we need a bucket in the worst way in the fourth quarter (i.e. Ellis), and help down on the block which I see more coming from the draft since there aren’t many good names in this years free agency. Would i love to get someone like Tyson Chandler or Marc Gasol? Obviously. I just don’t see a team trading an above average center for Iguodola. He just isn’t worth it.

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