Bottoms Up: So Brian Schneider Has His Own Wine, Dane Sardinha Passed Out at a Bar

Brian Schneider Schardonnay to be exact.

This comes from reader Chris, who found an aged bottle of Schneider Schardonnay on the discount rack at a liquor store in Phillipsburg, N.J. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, you are staring at a 2006 bottle of Schneider's own wine, part of a line that was created with the likenesses of a number of professional athletes to raise money for charity.

How we did not know this existed (at least I haven’t seen it posted anywhere) is beyond me. Here's the description via

2006 Chardonnay, San Martin, California

Benefiting Catching for Kids

This wine opens up with strong aromas of freshly cut green apple, melon and pear. A bowl full of tropical fruit salad (pineapples, bananas, mangos and papaya) is in there, as well as a hint of floral apple blossom.

Proceeds from Schneider Schardonnay support Brian Schneider's Catching For Kids Foundation, established to support children and their participation in sports by providing funding and creative programming.  The foundation strives to enable children of all backgrounds and physical abilities to enjoy the games they love.

For more information, please visit


Brian Schneider's Schardonnay: a bowl of tropical fruit. Taste the rainbow.

I don’t recommend starting the name of any product with “Schard,” but that’s just me.

As you can see, the proceeds go towards, a charity that apparently helps kids "play the games they love." The website, however, looks like it hasn't been updated since the wine was bottled…

Anyway, kudos to Schneider for trying to help kids with alcohol, something college has been doing since the 1800s.

You're crazy if you don't think I'm downing a bottle of this during tonight's game. D.C. friend Danny points out that it's located on shelves just below the Mendoza Wine. Awesome.

UPDATE: Apparently, today is backup catcher alcoholism day. Here's Dane Sardinha face down at a bar in Pittsburgh… after the jump.

Picture via Deadspin


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7 Responses

  1. I agree with Deezy. The only thing worse than catching Mr. Deer-in-the-Headlights Kendrick would be a knuckleballer.

  2. Sardinha is a piece of sh!t. Kendrick didn’t throw as poorly as it looked (at least not the way it looked from the left field lower bleachers); Sardinha couldn’t frame a strike if he tried (which it doesn’t appear he knows how to do). Also, he doesn’t know how to catch a ball in the dirt. Schneider, please come back soon. Then Kendrick could throw to a second string catcher and look a little less mediocre than he did on Saturday.

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