Holy slow news day, Batman. 

I've gotten so many emails, Tweets, texts, telegrams, and shitting carrying pigeons on this subject, that I feel it needs to be addressed here: No, these are not the Flyers Winter Classic jerseys.

The NHL has yet to confirm the game will take place in Philadelphia (although, all connected reports say that is the case), and they sure as hell haven't finalized a jersey design and logo.

As best as we can tell, this image, which depicts a possible Winter Classic jersey for the Flyers, originated in a forum and has spread like wildfire- thanks, in part, to lazy reporting from CSN Philly and NESN, both of whom further perpetuated the rumor. The image is a Photoshop of Michael Richards wearing a modified Philadelphia Quakers jersey.

I've reached out to a few folks to ask if there is anything to this, and, in short, there's not. Further, assuming Philadelphia will soon be announced as the official location for the game, it doesn't entirely make sense that the Flyers, in their biggest regular season game in history, would wear jerseys paying homage to a team that existed for one season, almost a century ago. Though the current threads already harken back to the 1970s, there are a number of other designs the Flyers can turn to before rocking the sweaters of a long defunct abortion of an organization that originated in Pittsburgh. Deep breath.

While it's not impossible for these the jerseys to be worn on January 2nd at Citizens Bank Park, the image you see above has no merit. Now, stop asking.