Terry Collins’ Post Game Rant is Better with Video


5 Responses

  1. Too bad Wilpon hocked the old Mets bullpen car. It would have been more merciful to see Mr. Met run over Collins in a goofy looking golf cart than to wait for Fred to toss him under the bus.

  2. We’ve heard the owner throw the players under the bus. Now the manager. What a disfunctional group of losers (Mets management). What player would want to give their heart to anyone in the Mets organization?

  3. On the rank of sheer, rabid, venom spewing vitriol alone, I can’t give Collins’ rant more than a “D”. Ozzie Guillen would laugh his arse off at how tame that was. But hey, Collins had to have known what he was getting into with the Mess, you can’t tell me he wasn’t aware that he had a kennel full of mutts on his hands. Oh, well, not my problem.

  4. Jeez, the mets are so toxic these days. How many mangers have they had in the past 4 years?

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