The Funny Thing About Roy Oswalt’s Back, Jules

Screen shot 2011-06-24 at 9.01.40 AM
Is that it may be fucked.

Last week, we detailed Roy Oswalt's declining fastball. He appeared to still be suffering effects from a back injury earlier this season. Last night, he got roughed up and then spoke about his back troubles: [Delco Times has full transcript]

"(Wait until) what the doctors say, (we'll) compare it to the last MRI I had a year or two ago and see where it's at. At this point I'm not really helping the team. I'm kind of a liability more than anything. See where I'm at. And if it's something I have to get fixed, I have to get it fixed. To see where it's at, I don't know. I don't know where it's at."

"You throw as long as you can throw, and if you can’t throw no more, you can’t throw no more. I’m going to keep throwing as long as I can, and hopefully it’s not gotten to the point where I can’t throw no more. If it’s gotten to that point, then you’ve just gotten to accept it."


Uh oh. Not good. David Hale from the Wilmington News Journal took full video of the press conference. You can find it after the jump. 

This, like the Homer video and the Richards press conference, is difficult to watch. Yesterday was judgement day, folks.

Watch your back. Step over the jump carefully.



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  1. Put him on the DL, he’ll be fine. Maybe try a little acupuncture. Our other aces are throwing well.

  2. i have been saying he is going to retire for the last 2 months.
    But, I agree with putting him on the DL.. they should leave him there until a week or 2 after the All Star break.
    Halladay, Lee, Hamels, Worley (fat joe), Kendrick (fat joe)

  3. Blanton, Oswalt. We knew something was wrong with them. Why the team didn’t show the same caution as they did with Utley back in spring training is mind boggling to me.
    Here’s hoping little Roy just needs some rest. As a Phillies fan I want him back, but as a baseball fan, I don’t want to see him go out like this.

  4. He’s right, he’s not really helping the team. He needs to rest and get this fixed (like he said) so he can start producing some wins for us. I’d hate to see Oswalt go, even for a little bit, but I’d hate it even more if he stuck it out and kept losing games. That’s a lose/lose

  5. Just shut him down until August/Sept. No need to rush him back. And in postseason, if they finish with best record again, you’ll need Roy O for Game 4 of NLCS and Game 4 of WS and that’s it.

  6. Better to put Oswalt on the DL right now and leave him there so he can properly heal before bringing him back. We’ve still got Doc, Cliff and Cole along with Worley and (eventually) Sloppy Joe to fall back on. I’ll take those odds to the bank any day.

  7. ever watch how Oswalt runs? – He doesn’t move or bend his back. he’s had a bad back for years now.

  8. Royo’s face in that screen shot sums it up perfectly. I echo the sentiments of just about everyone else. Rest him up for the stretch run and god forbid if there is a chase for the division. But having him pitch now will just be a double hurt, hurting him by further damaging his back and hurting the team since he cant pitch to his full ability. Get well ROYO….

  9. He needs to rest and fix his back. But we don’t win by pitching alone. The bats have got to produce runs.

  10. Little Roy may have something in the tank come late in the season, but he will need his rest to make a late showing worth while it seems.
    Kyle, you’ve been quite busy for the last day or so. Very nice work. Thanks for being good at what you do. Really.

  11. i dont know why they arent trying some kind of stem cell therapy. its the newest wave in spinal care and has shown some spectacular results. 2 months max turn around for a fully healed and healthy back

  12. Stem cell therapy isn’t exactly LEGAL in the US, and i hardly think its worth it for the phils to to spend ~$50,000 to send him to china for the surgery

  13. lol not legal? rofl theres a clinic in colorado thats been doing it for years. i dont think you’re quite up to date Tim

  14. He hurt his back going home to hug his kids. His house wasn’t blown away. I love the guy, but let’s not forget that.

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