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Is that it may be fucked.

Last week, we detailed Roy Oswalt's declining fastball. He appeared to still be suffering effects from a back injury earlier this season. Last night, he got roughed up and then spoke about his back troubles: [Delco Times has full transcript]

"(Wait until) what the doctors say, (we'll) compare it to the last MRI I had a year or two ago and see where it's at. At this point I'm not really helping the team. I'm kind of a liability more than anything. See where I'm at. And if it's something I have to get fixed, I have to get it fixed. To see where it's at, I don't know. I don't know where it's at."

"You throw as long as you can throw, and if you can’t throw no more, you can’t throw no more. I’m going to keep throwing as long as I can, and hopefully it’s not gotten to the point where I can’t throw no more. If it’s gotten to that point, then you’ve just gotten to accept it."


Uh oh. Not good. David Hale from the Wilmington News Journal took full video of the press conference. You can find it after the jump. 

This, like the Homer video and the Richards press conference, is difficult to watch. Yesterday was judgement day, folks.

Watch your back. Step over the jump carefully.