The Mets Lose on Walkoff Balk

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On a day in which it was announced the Mets could eventually be sold for $1, they lost… on a walkoff balk.

The video is here.

The Mets: America's car accident.


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  1. dont get me wrong i HATE everything NY, NYC is the taint of america, but how big-a-douche can the braves be for celebrating around the plate for a walk off balk??? really i mean who do you circle around the runner, who walked home at a nice casual pace or the batter who stood there comfortably carrying bat on shoulder? Did they PIE the Mets pitcher during post game interviews too?

  2. A win is a win. Especially since the Mets took the first two games in front of the home crowd. Can’t blame the Braves for the win.

  3. Boy, the schadenfreude here is getting pretty think. Here I thought I was coming to a Phillies blog.

  4. It would be more hilarious if we didn’t almost lose a game because of the same thing last year (I’m looking at you Brad).

  5. Any time the Mess suffer pain heaped upon embarrassment, and I can gleefully revel in it, then it’s a damn good day.

  6. @Deej – I think WTF meant was the Mets won the first two games in front of an Atlanta crowd, hence Atlanta was happy to celebrate off of the Mets’ balk.

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