Victo Coming Back, ZOMG the Phillies Have a Real Lineup

Someone get out the duck whistle, the Phillies are getting the team back together.

Shane Victorino did not play in this morning's game in Reading, he will rejoin the Phillies tomorrow in Pittsburgh.

For the first time all season, we could see this lineup (or some variation of): Rollins, Polanco, Utley, Howard, Ibanez, Victorino, Brown, Ruiz, Hamels.

All of sudden, we have a real, live baseball team, folks.

The question is who does Victo replace? Todd Zolecki lays out five options. My vote? Place Michael Martinez on waivers. 

Martinez is a Rule 5 guy, meaning that if the Phillies waive him and he clears, they would have to offer him back to the Nationals before keeping him. That, along with the fact that Charlie Manuel liked his personality, is the reason why he is on the team in the first place. Here's the problem: He stinks. Martinez can't hit, is an average fielder at best, and, despite having that Jose Reyesque (word? yes, sir) look, he's not that fast. He's here because of the Jheri curl, really. Time to go.

The Phillies could also place Ross Gload, who can't run because of left-hip problem, on the DL for a few weeks. But Gload said DL time won't help the hip.

Either way, scrounge up Coach Bombay… the team is back together.


7 Responses

  1. I’m with you on Martinez. I get the Rule 5 situation, but ultimately are we losing that much by offering him back? This Rule 5 BS is what kept Herndon on the team and what did that get us? NADA! Besides, I don’t even think he makes the 25-man roster for the Nats anyway.

  2. You are all wrong. There is no reason to keep Brown, Mayberry, and Ben Fran. Why not send 1 down to get AB’s every day? This isn’t a permanent move. Leaving just Valdez to back up SS and 2nd is stupid. What happens if Utley or Rollins need 5 days off for an injury?? Then you are forced to put 1 on the DL and losing them for an additional 10 games.

  3. Martinez looks like one of those black lesbians on south beach in a wife beater, except less intimidating.
    I think Mayberry can platoon, but Dom Brown should be hitting in the minors than sitting in the majors.

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