Video: Marine Colonel Jokes About Killing Roy Halladay

Since it’s Marine Week in St. Louis – a chance for the military to show its might and stage a giant PR event near one of the most impoverished cities in America, East St. Louis – several hundred military folk were at last night's Phillies – Cardinals game… including Colonel Shane Tomko and Sergeant Nicole Tannahill.

Our military does many fine things, and words can't fully express our gratitude. Every round of applause and standing ovation is more than deserved. However, spending over 25 years in the service can skew one's worldview, which is exactly what seems to have happened to Col. Tomko, who joked about killing Roy Halladay with a tank:

Col. Tomko: I'll tell you what, with that M1A1 Abrams we got across the street, if Halladay keeps on pitching well, we can fix that with one round pretty quickly.

Announcer: – awkward laughs – I'm sure you could. I don't know if we should say that, but you just did.

Col. Tomko: I can say whatever I want because I'm a war fighter, and this is the Cardinals Nation the last time I checked.


Annnnd therein lies the problem. We probably wouldn't have posted this if he had just made the poor-taste joke, but the fact that he had a chance to clarify it and followed up with only more ignorance cemented the deal.

War is obviously what Tomko does 24/7, but he has to know better than to joke about something like that, especially on TV.

The comments on this one should be fun.

Video is after the jump- about 35 seconds in for the remark. Yeah, the Marines might want to think about getting a new spokesman.

UPDATE: FOX Sports Midwest issued a statement: 

"The comment was an attempt at humor, but was inappropriate to the setting.  We apologize to any fans who may have been offended.”

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100 Responses

  1. Completely inappropriate and classless. See, if this happened during a Phillies broadcast, and the Marine was a Phillies fan, we would never hear the end of it.

  2. Normally I respect all service men and woman, but this is over the line. “I’m a war fighter” yeah…so I forgot the part where that means your better than everyone else…Douche.

  3. Nobody’s crapping on the troops. I’ve got all the respect in the world for all our troops & the freedom that they fight for to provide for us. That said, they are human and I’m sure that there are a fair share of the them, just like in any walk of life, that are assholes. This guy is probably one of those.

  4. fact, shut up. he wasn’t serious, but that doesn’t mean he’s not being an asshole. being in the military doesn’t automatically grant a pass for everything, i’m sorry but that’s not how it works.

  5. You’re an idiot attempting to create news. We won’t hear about this tomorrow.

  6. Sergeant Tannahill looked very uncomfortable after her asshole colleague made that remark.

  7. Yeah, dude is obviously joking. And he does give Halladay his propers by saying that. Is it in bad taste? Maybe, but I don’t see a problem with it.

  8. Seriously, love our troops but this guy is over the top.
    He also made the comment that serving a tour in Afghanistan or Iraq is like playing in the World Series to a Marine. Really?

  9. kyle, good attempt at interpreting his quotes but he says loud and clear “this is a cardinals station…” not “this is cardinals nation…”…just saying

  10. Does anyon know soldiers? Many of them are good, noble, selfless regular men/women trying to do a good job, pay for college, etc. And then others, especially those who go high up, are trigger happy, kill-em-all douchebags. Fuck this guy and fuck all of you who want to give him a free pass. If this was Philly we’d be the subject of 10,000 more hand-on-heart-snowballs-at-Santa-Claus-what-is-wrong-with-Sports pieces. You forgive him just because he wears a uniform? He’s no different than the guy who vomited on the little girl. Fuck him.

  11. fuck this guy. marines arent better or worse than anyone else just because they are marines. and the last time i checked the show he was on was being watched by philly nation. so fuck him and his homosexual driven homophobia ass.

  12. reminds me of Lt. Colonel Kilgore from Apocalypse Now – totally gung ho and full of himself – the world is his ashtray I guess.

  13. Ummm, yea Marines are better then normal people. It was a joke, and he clearly says that Halladay is so good that’s the only way to stop him. And yes, Marines do see getting shipped to a combat zone as their pinnacle, at least most grunts do. Some of your comments are retarded. The same as the guy puking on the little girl? Seriously? Are you fucking that stupid?

  14. If somebody said that on a message board then they would be getting arrested right now like the kid who threatened Ovechkin years ago.

  15. Marines are not better than normal people. They are normal people who chose to fight for our country. My brother is a Marine, served a tour in Afghanistan, and he does NOT consider himself better than me because I’m a “normal” person.
    Bill, if you had ANY intelligence you’d know no intelligent Marine/Soldier sees going to war and TAKING LIFE as a “pinnacle”. They see it merely as their job and duty. Which is exactly what it is. In your ever so witty words “Seriously?” Are you fucking that stupid?”

  16. The sad part is after spending 4 years in the Marines, there are entirely too many Marines who talk/act like this. They are so fully entrenched in the lifestyle they know nothing else. Especially an O-6 who probably has close to 20 years in.

  17. Cardinals Nation? What the fuck is that? They should have interviewed him after getting 9 runs dropped on him. He probably should have dropped a shell on the Cards bullpen. He may have even bitch slapped T-Mac in one of his rages. All the while shouting ‘YOU CAN”T HANDLE THE TRUTH’!!

  18. That’s right, the same guy that puked on the little girl, ie violent and classless. This guy certainly thinks he’s better than everybody else (‘I’m a warfighter, I can say whatever I want’) and fuck you for agreeing with him. From the look on her fact the Sgt. obviously doesn’t.

  19. All these comments, and only one person mentions about the douchebag jarheads attractive colleague?

  20. This is one of those guys who probably thinks Reagan is the best president we ever had. What a poor use of judgment on this guys part.

  21. The joke I can almost let slide — chalk it up to the gallows humor of a professional soldier. I guess. Not really, but I’ll give the man some leeway on that one.
    But, no, sir; you don’t get to make inappropriate comments on TV simply because you did combat tours with the Marines. I am capable of respecting this man’s service while condemning his words.
    Apparently, the Card’s pen weren’t the only ones suffering from control issues.

  22. i was watching the cardinal feed on EI because the phillies broadcasts are basically unwatchable and this nutjob guy was 100% certifiable
    in addition to threatening to murder the opposing pitcher he also said he was going to “do something lewis and clark couldnt and that is to conquer the western frontier” whatever the hell thats means
    and he also talked about how someone stole his lou brock signed cardinal hat and said “one day im going to hunt him down and take him out with the same tank i use on halladay”
    i was literally crying it was so funny…its just a matter of time before this guy goes postal

  23. you can’t joke about killing someone. period. he was wrong.
    the nissan and vaseline pop up ads are terrible!

  24. Sorry your delicate hipster feelings were hurt, the guy was obviously joking…hopefully you’re past draft age or we’re fucked if war breaks out.

  25. If a guy from fort dix said this about an opposing pitcher at a Phillies game, we’d all be cheering. Just sayin.

  26. I wouldn’t look to kindly on it if I were Halladay. Respect our armed forces/ military but thought this was in poor taste.

  27. @mm — Yes, we know he was joking. Now how about you go play outside while the adults talk?

  28. probably shouldnt have said it, but he thought he was being funny. Just another fucking idiot meathead

  29. Chill out, morons! It was a joke! Poor taste to be sure, but a joke! If a Green Beret from South Jersey who was a rabid Phillies fan joked about taking out Tim Lincecum, would there be all this angst? Of course not! Grow up, infants!

  30. Ok seriously? First of all, if he was a Philly fan and said this about another team’s pitcher then people would be saying how cool he was. Give me a break. He was joking around – and, FYI, complimenting how good Roy is in the process. And are some military arrogant? Yes. Do I think they have a right to be? HELL YES. You want to risk your life for me, go ahead and have an ego.

  31. Overreact much? Cripes, I’m sure none of you has ever joked about anything, ever. Jesus, this site is based on making inappropriate and tasteless jokes.

  32. Little does that Marine know that firing that shell at Doc only will upset him. He would absorb the impact of the shell use that energy toward his pitching making him more dominant than he already is!

  33. High respect for Marines goes down a slight notch cause of assholes like this guy

  34. you guys missed the next part of the broadcast where Roy went up to the booth and said “Holy dog shit. Tomko? Only steers and queers are named Tomko. And you don’t look much like a steer to me so that kinda narrows it down. Do you suck dicks?”

  35. First off, face it. When a United States Marine Colonel threatens your ace pitcher with a M1A1 Abrams round, you are the New Evil Empire. Which is cool.
    That said – if he had said this at a Yankees / Red Sox game about C.C. you’d have 50 posts on here offering to pull the trigger for him. It was a dumb attempt to be funny by acting like anyone of a slew of characters from recent films (Pacino in Scent of a Women, Nicholson in A Few Good Men, and even Steven Lang in Avatar). He’s on camera and trying to be Hollywood. That’s all, recognize and blame those chucklef**ks in Hollywood for promoting this stereotype.

  36. This was bad. It wasn’t funny, which would have made it easier to take.
    His follow-up, saying he was in a war meaning he can do as he pleases was ignorant.
    God bless the troops, but fighting in Iraq doesn’t give him the right to make offensive comments. You should never joke about killing, he of all people should know that seeing war firsthand.

  37. hahah the girl next to him was like wow i knew he was a huge asshole but i cant believe he just said that on tv.

  38. Halladay would have thrown a cutter at the shell and exploded it above the stadium providing fireworks for everyone in the ” Cardinals Nation”. Cause thats how awesome he is.
    He then would have had his way with every women in Tomko’s life, Pat Burrel style.

  39. Seriously, can the bros just focus on how hot the girl is!! I would make sure she left the uni on, YESH!

  40. I thought this blog was irreverent? I guess not when someone else is making the joke.

  41. @RG, you really should grow a thicker skin dude. He’s a marine not a politician. you oughta get out from behind the keyboard, head down to a bar full of ex-marines and share your opinions. Maybe they’ll buy you a PBR after they break your glasses.

  42. That’s exactly where this joke belongs — a bar. The fact that he makes it in uniform in an official capacity on television says a lot about this asshole’s pride, honor, class, whatever you want to call it. Do it on your own time, douchebag.

  43. the chick isnt even that hot. hot for the military probably but not even for Philadelphia, WHICH doesnt have the talent of most large cities near by.

  44. LOL at the jarheads lining up to tongue-wash this uber-jarhead’s rear end.
    “Marines are better than normal people”. Yes, better at sucking down indoctrination like dogs, apparently.
    You’re welcome to be proud of whatever you want, but when a microhphone proves just how pathetic your indoctrination can be, don’t double down on the dumb. Improvise, adapt and overcome!

  45. A whole lotta overreaction here kids. He made a bad joke (as in it really wasn’t funny and lacked taste). This clearly created an akward tv moment. That’s it. Everyone forgets about this by the next news cycle.

  46. what a bunch of little girls – oh boo hoo that man said something mean
    good God, what’s this country coming to? it was a joke.
    I’m done with this site

  47. Pipe down, ‘warfighter’. You’re talking over the ballgame.
    I thought the video was on loop when he repeated that stupid “ONE. ROUND.” line. The guy’s up there pitching a tent with his gun hardon on TV, because that’s all he’s capable of.
    These are the troops you guys are so proud of?

  48. Lighten up, morons. I certainly want guys like Col Tomko standing watch over our country as opposed to the pansies that are wetting their drawers over a few spoken words.

  49. 1 Marine + 6 Budweisers + 1 Bad Joke = 32000 lbs of Phillie phan angst…

  50. has anybody seen his wife? liza tomko? what an ugly ass woman! she looks 40 years older than his wrinkly old ass!


  52. How old are all of you children whining about a perfectly innocent, though not terribly funny, joke? Calling him vile names; insulting his wife; rooting for his ruin. Shame on you. This man is a United States Marine who has given the best years of his life to serving YOU. And, guess what? He’ll continue to be an honorable man. And you won’t.
    What he said could only be insulting to someone who goes through life hoping to be insulted.
    You don’t deserve to have people like this man defending you, but you get them anyway. And you presume to be fit to judge him?

  53. All you who are upset over this, put your big boy pants on and get a life. The guy was obiously joking. And if you took the time to find out what this man has done during his service, to protect YOU, you would shake in your shoes with fear. He has spilled his own blood for all of us. That is not hyperbole, that is a factual statement. he hasn’t done one or two tours, he has done ten. All of you whining over a joke, A JOKE, please…shut your mouths. Good lord, with babies like you, thank god we have soldiers like Col. Tomka protecting us.

  54. And another thing.
    Pieter, you are really a class act. I’m sure your parents are proud.

  55. fuck off, Roseman. tomko is an asshole. why you defending him – you fucking him or something? does he make you scream? lol

  56. lol “I can say whatever I want because I’m a war fighter.” Really? What a fucking arrogant thing to say.

  57. okay can we talk about something of importance here? how much you want to bet that Tomko is getting his nob polished by that hot ass sergeant?

  58. So what was a joke, the part about killing Halladay, or the part where the smug asshole dared to claim the rules of professionalism don’t apply to him solely because he’s used to having his ass kissed by a bunch of peanut-brained rubes all day long?
    Because neither one is especially hilarious.

  59. This is coming from a city whose fans ACTUALLY have injured opposing players by ACTUALLY throwing batteries. Give me a break. The man was obviously joking. Political correctness is killing (if I can even say that) us. Everyone who was offended at this joke needs to grow a thicker skin or some cojones. To be frank, he’s damn right, he’s a war fighter. If you knew even a fraction of Col. Tomko’s story (which many St. Louisans do) you’d agree he has the right to joke about whatever he pleases. Get over yourself Philly sports writers. You have a good team, focus on them… Not BS PC nonsense like this.

  60. Um, Gateway…when did a Philly fan “injure” an opposing player with a battery? The only time I have ever heard of Philadelphia fans throwing batteries was directed towards JD Drew. And the batteries didn’t hurt him…granted, I understand why you would be confused…the guy gets hurt getting out of bed.
    Typical St. Louis fan…misinformed and undereducated.

  61. If a Phillies fan/marine said this about another team’s best player, all of you assholes would be high fiving one another and Kyle would be LULZing in his pants.

  62. Tomko is a good marine, rose from the enlisted ranks -I knew him years ago from Gitmo, before it became a prison camp. He has made a good name for himself from Kandahar just after 9/11 to Iraq: and yeah thats his personality: he was on CNN in 2001 as “most colorful marine in Afghanistan”, and in another article about snipers…and btw: every dogshit civilian i meet uses far worse metaphors than marines, u hypocritical pieces of dung.

  63. As long as he doesn’t actually do what he’s JOKING about doing, he gets a pass from me.
    Most of us don’t do anything that’s as important as what this guy does.
    If the shoe was on the other foot and some Phillies fan in a uniform was talking about Scott Rolen or Tim Lincecum in that way, we still wouldn’t be finished gushing about how cool that was.

  64. I wish the media morons would lighten up! I think the comment was quite a compliment. Does anybody really think the colonel was seriously advocating using a tank on Halladay? If so, commit yourself now. How could any thinking human being misconstrue that as suggesting Halladay be blown away?
    We’re Philadelphia fans, for God’s sake. We and the whole world know we can dish it out. Can’t we take it?

  65. People are such pussies, he was just joking. I hate it how we’re so sensitive that we have to overreact to every little joke. I’m not in the military, but I make crude jokes all the time, and in my opinion the funniest kinds of jokes are the ones that are offensive, most jokes that aren’t offensive aren’t that funny

  66. Really you are all so out of line it was a joke! I personally know Col. Tomko and he is a kick ass soldier. And 1 hell of a nice guy but he will bite your head off if he needs to. If I had his job I might have a morbid sense of humor too. I would love for you all to be the person to go and tell a marine’s wife she is now a widow. Try it see what kind of a person you become after years and years of that. You are all probably the same bunch of idiots that voted for Obama.

  67. It’s awesome how little you people know about servicemen/women lol.
    Please stop posting.

  68. Tomko is about as worthless as they come.
    and for all the comments on the Sgt, she is pretty nasty and there is a reason why her and tomko are always seen together….you do the math. This guy thinks his shit dont stink and makes the rest of the Marines look bad, especially those who are putting in a lot of time to make Marine week work. He is all about himself and his little play date in the pic with him. Maybe someone should ask her husband what he thinks???

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