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In trading Richards and Carter and signing Bryzgalov to a 9-year, $51 million deal, the salary cap now looks like this, according to CapGeek.com:

Next year's cap: $64,300,000

Flyers payroll as it stands now: $56,723,095. That doesn't include Jakub Voracek and Wayne Simmonds, who are both restricted free agents. They will both most likely re-sign for about a total of $2-3 million. That leaves roughly $6 million left for the Flyers to round out the roster or make another move via free agency.  

UPDATE: The original post included Michael Leighton, who will most likely be waived. If that happens, his $1.5 million contract would come off the cap and free up closer to $8 million.

Brayden Schenn is a very highly-regarded youngster who is the key to this deal. The Flyers also added a number of valuable draft picks, and, of course, Byrzgalov.

When you look at it in terms of what they gave up and what they got, it's pretty good:

Flyers lose:

Mike Richards, captain, 60-80 point scorer

Jeff Carter, 30+ goal scorer


Brayden Schenn, highly touted youngster

Wayne Simmonds, 30-40 points per seson

*Jakub Voracek, 40-50 points per season

*Three draft picks

Ilya Bryzgalov

$8 million in cap space (after signing Voracek and Simmonds and releasing Leighton)


It's a difficult argument. They traded young veterans -who almost won the Stanley Cup – for unproven youth, a goalie, and flexibility.

The more I look at it, the more I like it. The Flyers have some flexibility… and they may not be done. 


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  1. I just hope this works out more like the Recci trade (for LeClair and Desjardins) rather than the Forsberg trade (for Lindros). That’s how I’m looking at this trade for this generation of Flyers hockey.

  2. This was a must-do move by Homer. There was no wiggle-room if they went with the hand they had.
    I’d be curious to see if they hold onto Bobrovsky. Clearly they won’t shuffle him down to the Phantoms where he’ll be on the waiver wire for anyone to grab. But $1.75M for a back-up goalie who’s going to be limited on playing time seems like a lot to ask for from the Russian.
    I don’t think the shake-up is over yet.

  3. It took me about the same amount of time to come to this conclusion as well. They also avoided the long terms lock up that a extremely long no trade clause that would have kicked in for both Carter and Richards in 2012. Trading those guys now is a lot easier than it would have been next year.
    So basically the Flyers felt these two players weren’t the key to the cup. I think their locker room attitude resulted in the lackluster effort this past year, or at least that is the message being sent, and they are not the official 2010-2011 Season Scapegoats.
    10/15 Kings @ Flyers. Mark your calendars.

  4. It’s a great series of trades. Now, they have enough talent and financial flexibility to win this year and for many years to come.

  5. Plus the draft picks are a first, second and third round tacked onto what Philly already owned.

  6. well summarized by Kyle.
    Makes the breathing a little easier at the moment.
    And to be honest, we support the crest on the front not the name on the back, to slightly alter the mantra of our beloved team’s dressing room.
    Richards and Carter will be remembered dearly, but the world goes on. And our march toward the cup does as well. Sad to see these two great hockey players leave our squad and our family, but excited about the future.
    This is why homer gets paid to be the GM and not one of us, who become emotionally invested (or divested) in players. Homer gets a golf clap from me.

  7. Does this mean the Flyers will be players/making a move for Stamkos on July 1st? Thoughts?

  8. @Ian – I would imagine some of that cash needs to go to signing Leino, etc. Or maybe they let Leino walk and go after Stamkos? Still a lot of options out there.

  9. ive heard on the twitter (panotch… I know I know) that stamkos not on the radar… who knows at this point. Basically anything that any official from any philly team says is bullshit apparently….

  10. btw – took a stroll on some kings blogs and people are flipping out and pissed. I guess ppl were really high on simmonds and especially schenn. no excitement in LA (but then again do ppl even know anything there, esp about hockey?)

  11. This is unbelievably stupid. 9 years to a 31 yr old goalie. Trading minimum 90 points/goals per season for 70 points + unknown quantity = DUMB.
    I get trading Carts. But trading richards too was baffling.

  12. The only way to make this up is if they re-sign gagne on july 1st.
    not a fan of dishing richards. best two way forward we had and possibly in the sport today.

  13. theres more room to come too. carcillo, versteeg and powe are likely gone as well. that frees up stamkos money

  14. Al Morganti just said on CSN that the Flyers have 13 million in cap space, any idea where the 4-5 mill difference in numbers comes from? Just hoping the 13 is the right one.

  15. I’m in shock right now…a little pissed that Richards was dealt. 9-year deal for a goalie is a big committment, especially when I thought Bob could be a bonified #1 in about 2 years (maybe they just needed to lengthen the contract to get the numbers to work, but have no intention of keeping Bryz around that long – dunno)

  16. Hopefully Versteeg, Carcillo & Hartnell are on the way out the door as well.

  17. I think that likely excludes the RFA’s and Leighton, who will most likely be waived.

  18. Schenn highlights. Evidently, the kid can throw down too–which should fit in well (about 2:38 in).

  19. Simmonds is garbage IMO, Schenn has upside but so did Juri Dopita, Chris Gratton and Alexander Daigle…just saying…lol.
    I’m pissed about Richie being trade. I’m a huge fan but life goes on. This does give them some flexibility so if they can sign other players with this cap room then I guess it’s OK.
    I like Voracek but he’s no Carter but he’ll be a cheap 20 goal scorer. Leino “should” resign unless he gets greedy.

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