What The Hell Happened Between Kyle Kendrick and Rich Dubee?

Dubee_kendrickGrainy photo of encounter

Frankly, we have no idea. But it didn’t sound good.

According to a few folks, when Kyle Kendrick strolled out to the bullpen with Rich Dubee before yesterday’s game, the conversation turned sour- much the way you would probably expect the conversation between an oft-maligned fifth starter and his coach to turn out.

From a reader:

Kendrick showed up late for his bullpen session and Dubee confronted him, then Kendrick laughed and Dubee gripped him up. Then kendrick stormed off and Dubee followed him. No punches were thrown, but kendrick ended up coming back after a good 15 min talk at first base and throwing his bullpen. Maybe like 20-30 people witnessed this cause it was before all gates opened only left field gate was open so not many eyes.



Dubee was giving it to Kendrick pretty good in a bullpen session. I was twenty feet away  I couldn't hear the words spoken, but it was pretty clear it wasn't idle chatter. Dubee was making his point with authority.


A third reader said basically the same thing.

All of that was bookended by these two Tweets from Phillies scriptual Matt Gelb:

Screen shot 2011-06-27 at 9.32.06 AM
Screen shot 2011-06-27 at 9.32.06 AM

Of course, we now know Cole Hamels will be Thursday’s starter, not Kendrick. He will start on Friday.

Anyone else see anything?

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13 Responses

  1. Dubee did have problems with Kendrick last year, maybe its just a build up of other things along with showing up late.

  2. Dubee has never had much patience with KK or Joey B. I see a pattern with Dubee, perhaps, that he gets along better with the more talented hurlers on the staff that require less coaching especially Hamels. We can only speculate but it could have something to do with KK not starting on Thursday but it’s not like he’s being skipped over. He starts Friday and Cole has a good records against the BoSox. It would be interesting to know what happened, for sure!

  3. Kyles wife is rubbing off on him. She thinks she is hot shit and now he thinks he is king shit. Hey Kyle why don’t you go ask Richards and Carter how they feel today?

  4. If Dubee is actually the way that Robbie E speculates, then there is something wrong with Dubee, not Kendrick. If he has 4 all-star pitchers then what the hell is he complaining to Kendrick and Blanton about? That should mean that he should be doing his job and making Kendrick and Blanton better instead of sitting back and watching his aces go out and perform and bitching when game 5 comes around. That’s completely unprofessional if that’s the case.

  5. i was down there and saw this Kendrick came out about 15-20 minutes after worley threw his bullpen. dubee yelled at kendrick from across the field to hustle up cause he was late but he kept walking out. after kendrick came into the bullpen Dubee was talking to him and kendrick seemed to not give him the time of day and said something to cause dubee to grab him by the chest and put him against the wall. kendrick swatted his arm away had words with him and stormed out and kept going as dubee yelled for him to come back. dubee eventually caught up with him by the dugout and he eventually returned for his session.

  6. T-man is right. I’ve been saying it for a while but Dubee sucks as a pitching coach. I’m no fan of KK but I bet Dubee is the doosh here. He has a habit of ruining good pitchers into worser performance. Look how good Myers got again once he left the team and Dubee stopped meddling with him. I hope Amaro/Manuel has a standing order for him not to mess with R2C2, and only give them help/advice if they ask for it. The sad thing is that Manuel doesn’t second guess his coaching and I’m betting he’ll take Dubee’s side not matter what the circumstances are on this.

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