… the fuck.

These Phillies-Flyers shirts really need to not exist anymore. Photo of the front, after the jump.

H/T to Jenn for the photo



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  1. f****g terrible. that is worse than the iLL tank top that I saw at cbp last week

  2. ^I saw some guy at the mall with both an ill sleeveless t (sleeves cut off manually of course) and one of the finest mullets in the delco area. I would of been willing to put up any amount of money to bet that he has either worked for or is a loyal customer of carnivals

  3. the amount of “ill” shirts on the ocean city boardwalk (in both the stores and on the douchers/fouchers who are wearing them) is sickening…

  4. LOVE the view from the front! I howled! As for the ILL shirts, I couldn’t agree more! They’re vile!

  5. these combo shirts are sweet. what’s the problem? if you’re a philadelphia sports fan you know halladay doesn’t play for the flyers.

  6. Kyle, the worst thing about these shirts is that they’re actually available in The Majestic Clubhouse store. Ugh.

  7. lol, this is clearly the Phillies trying to support the Flyers. Give it a break.
    This equals more money for the Phillies, which means they will have better financial metrics, which means they won’t be in the headlines for pissing off MLB.
    Count your blessings!

  8. James T. Grey, stop licking kyle’s balls. These shirts are awsome, stop being a hater all the time

  9. @CJ
    As a fat person, I am offended by the use of the word “heavyset”… please use the term “fat”, as it implies the happy jolly “santa-like” connotations.
    and damn, i wish there was a sarcasm key, cuz id be pressin that shit all day long.
    as for the shirts, those jersey tee crossovers look horrendous. i’ve never really had a problem with the ill shirts though, idk why everybody on here is so opposed to them. i really hate the Rangers logo/Flyers colors one. who the fuck thought that shit up?

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