Mcnabb_working_outPic via 6 ABC sports producer Mark Meany- Follow him!

Go away! Donovan McNabb is in town for a charity event… and he stopped by to work out with a few of his former teammates.

I really wanted to stay away from writing about McNabb today (or ever). I ignored his homecoming weekend parties… Yeah, let that sink in, let that percolate for a second. Donovan McNabb is throwing himself parties to celebrate his homecoming to Chicago. Who does that??? Not since Pee Wee Herman have we seen a guy publicly stroke himself in such a festive manner.

Screen shot 2011-06-22 at 12.41.30

What in the Jesus fuck are we looking at here? Vanilla Soul? What does that even mean? Is Five going hood? So many questions, so little answers… except this one, which I also tried to ignore:

Ah! Who? What? Why?

Notice the Eagles and Syracuse logos (places where he had success) and the lack of any Redskins swag? You are such a marketer, Donovan. Such a marketer.

Go away, or back to Chicago… just stay away from the Eagles.

6 ABC spoke with McNabb, they will air the interview tonight on Action News. Can't wait!