Why The F*$% is Donovan McNabb Working Out With The Eagles?

Mcnabb_working_outPic via 6 ABC sports producer Mark Meany- Follow him!

Go away! Donovan McNabb is in town for a charity event… and he stopped by to work out with a few of his former teammates.

I really wanted to stay away from writing about McNabb today (or ever). I ignored his homecoming weekend parties… Yeah, let that sink in, let that percolate for a second. Donovan McNabb is throwing himself parties to celebrate his homecoming to Chicago. Who does that??? Not since Pee Wee Herman have we seen a guy publicly stroke himself in such a festive manner.

Screen shot 2011-06-22 at 12.41.30 PMMcNabbChicago.com

What in the Jesus fuck are we looking at here? Vanilla Soul? What does that even mean? Is Five going hood? So many questions, so little answers… except this one, which I also tried to ignore:

Ah! Who? What? Why?

Notice the Eagles and Syracuse logos (places where he had success) and the lack of any Redskins swag? You are such a marketer, Donovan. Such a marketer.

Go away, or back to Chicago… just stay away from the Eagles.

6 ABC spoke with McNabb, they will air the interview tonight on Action News. Can't wait!


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  1. everybody that hates on mcnabb is retarded. BY FAR the greatest quarterback we’ve ever had, its not even close, yet everybody hates him because he didn’t win a superbowl. blah blah horrible two minute offense, blame reid for that one because he never gave mcnabb the authority to run it. dude might have missed a bunch of easy short passes, but the amount of deep passes that he made that were on point easily made up for them. we were lucky to have him and you’re beyond stupid if you don’t agree with that. he made the eagles relevant again for over a decade.

  2. Anyone else think it would be kinda awesome if somehow he ended up coming back to play Vick’s backup when/if the Eagles trade Kolb?

  3. @AJ
    I agree with all that is mentioned in your post. I believe that most people understand this as well. But the sore spot is that he never won the Eagles the Super Bowl that he promised. Until he is retired and hasn’t won a Super Bowl with another team, I’ll be rooting against him.
    His time is over with the Eagles. Stay away from this town until you are done for good. Unless he wants to be our back-up.

  4. AJ is absolutely right. McNabb came three points away from winning a Super Bowl, which is a hell of a lot closer than Cunningham or even Jaws came (the Birds got killed in Super Bowl XV) yet you never hear anyone hating on them — or at least not to the extent McNabb gets it.

  5. @AJ … Are you sure your real initials aren’t DM? If you want to be satisfied with mediocre and be one of those people that thinks everyone gets a trophy for trying, than enjoy the fantasy land that you live in. I am a big Eagles fan and YES McNabb did a lot of great things here but when it came time to deliver, he didn’t and you can’t defend that with your stats. I’d of had all the respect in the world for that guy if he had one ounce of heart but he didn’t. Winning playoff games and having good stats is nice but the last time I checked, we have no trophy and he has no ring.

  6. I always liked McNabb as an Eagle. As a person, I think he’s a oversensitive egotistical jerk at times, who needs to keep all of his thoughts on everything under wraps because every time he opens his mouth he spills negativity. That video above is a rare occasion where he isn’t pointing at anyone (besides the haters who he will prove wrong).
    I don’t mind him hanging with our players, i like to see rival guys get along good. I was not a fan of the back and forth BS we saw last season. Hopefully that’s done.

  7. Okay, AJ, so Donnie Drama is allegedly the greatest quarterback ever to play in this town. Big. Fat. Hairy. Deal. For all his gaudy numbers, guts, courage, yadda yadda yadda, did he ever deliver in the clutch? Did he ever win the big one? Short answer to both questions—-NO. Look, I like the guy, or at least I used to like him while he was here, but he’s gone! G-O-N-E! Stop kissing his ass! Move on already! Lord knows everyone else has.

  8. It’s way too much to ask for Eagle fans, the majority that is, to like the man while he’s still playing. I remember Bobby Hoying, Doug Freaking Pederson, the half a dozen Detmers who lined up behind center, Bubby Brister, etc…and all that nonsense came to a screeching halt when McNabb got drafted (and subsequently boo’ed, which has always led me to believe that he would never do good enough for the masses). He threw to Pinkerpuss and James Trash for how many years, Freddie ‘hands’ Mitchell…his best reciever was a slow, white dude from BYU who I could out run…he did so much with so little, yet he couldn’t win it on his own and he’s the villian. Nevermind the fact a HC who told everybody in the world he was going to throw the ball 80% of the time and the good D. coordinators out there tee’ed up every blitz they could with only 5 guys protecting 5.
    He gave us a winning chance every year, and while it’s always easiest to point your couch-potato fingers at him, how many times did the defense step up and dominate a playoff opponent? It’s a team game. Maybe once he’s done playing, and the ire and frustration all of you over-expecting fans throw on the guy has dissipated, he’ll be recognized for his accomplishments. I still love the dude and wish him well…

  9. ya’ll mother fuckers are ass backwards. why is it alright for people the hate on him but once somebody defends the man it is wrong.

  10. @Bleue Good Lord, did you actually just bring up the booing? Explain to me how 30 morons from a radio station that went there for that exact reason is at all representative of the “masses” as you put it. Go ahead, I’m waiting. I’m so tired of hearing how “Philadelphia” booed McNabb, Philadephia has something like 1.5 million people in the city alone, not counting any of the suburbs, and he was booed that day by 30 people organized by a radio station.

  11. oh hey kevin, am i ok with a mediocre team? well apparently, because i’ve been an eagles fan my entire 25 years of existence. if not winning a super bowl ring is grounds for forever hating somebody and all the accomplishments they did do, then you better not be a fan of any single person that has ever worn an eagles uniform. seriously, you better not like anybody thats ever played for the team, because NONE of them have won a ring either. you better hate every single player thats ever stepped on the field for the eagles or else you’re a fucking hypocritical moron.

  12. good point Deezy, it was a small crowd of eagle fans there, and not representative of the whole lot of us. But I was one of the people thinking Run Ricky Run was coming, there had to be others at home who were shocked.

  13. Bleue: For whatever it’s worth, I booed the drafting of McNabb too—from the comfort of my living room. Rather, I cursed a blue streak. At the time, I didn’t know McNabb from Adam while Ricky Williams had “franchise back” written all over him, and I was seriously pissed when the Birds passed on him. Of course, nobody knew what a whackjob Ricky wound up being while McNabb turned into one of the league’s elite quarterbacks. But again, at the time back in 1999, nobody knew nothing! What’s more, it’s not like McNabb was the ONLY kid who ever got booed on draft day, all the McNabb buttmunchers out there need to stop using that as a crutch. But then, McNabb himself STILL hasn’t gotten over it, so I guess that reaction is to be expected.

  14. What a town, we embrace a guy like Mike Vick and all his redemption horseshit, but we spit on McNabb who happened to be in town for a CHARITY event and worked out with a few guy he knows.
    Never liked that he never got the job done here, but come on now, the guy did nothing wrong in this instance, get off his back. I hope he’s able to put one more productive season together and can go out on a decent note, because last season was pathetic.

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