LOL! You serious, bro?

Delusion: a persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary.

Jayson Werth, husband, overpaid ballplayer, was up to his old tricks again yesterday. Ever since signing with the Nationals, as we've chronicled so often, Werth has uttered a myriad nonsense about the future of the Nationals organization, his own worth, and the desires of his former team. Yesterday, he opined again, this time about what an early-June loss might do to his former team: [Washington Post]

“Anytime you win a series, especially against a first-place team, it’s a big win,” former Phillie Jayson Werth said. “To lose a series to a team in last place in your division, outside, formerly inside, looking in, that’s a tough loss. That’s a lot to swallow. Hopefully that will catapult us and send them reeling.”


Reeling? To what, the second best record in baseball?

You obviously expect that sort of confidence out of a team's leader (heh), but that phrasing is the exact sort of nonsense that, if asked by a member of the media, a guy like Werth would most likely conclude the interview… or punch the scriptual (new word ™) in the face. A brief, realistic answer, the likes of "it's a tough loss, but it's one game in a long season," would find its way in there, too.

The Phils will be just fine, JW. Nice try, though.