Your Drinker’s Philadelphia CB Six Pack: Rapture Edition

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Carter trade: Good. As tough as it is to say, the Flyers made out well here. Not only did they clear cap space to sign Bryz, they also got back a plus player in Jakub Voracek and two draft picks. 

Richards trade: Bad (for now). I’m still having trouble coming to terms with it. They traded away the guy they have built up as the cornerstone. For what? A rookie (who may prove to be even better than Richie). I just don’t like the concept of contending teams trading away stars- especially when it’s their captain. Because of one bad – horrific – ending to a promising season, the Flyers pissed away a decade of potential and six years of grooming. Knee-jerk? Yes… Unless they turn the extra cap space into a guy who will help them win the Stanley Cup next year.

Oswalt pitch: Yes. He misses 4-6 weeks, comes back in August and makes one last run at a World Series. He retires after this year.

Crossing Broads: Heh.

Crossing Bros: They traded my captain… Richie.

Excited: To be honest, Schenn. That’s the only way I can come to terms with the Richie trade. This kid must be really, really good. Let’s be honest, most of us don’t follow junior hockey. I’m willing to bet more than 50% of you never heard of him before yesterday. That’s OK. I’m feverishly reading every article on him that exists on the interwebtuals. He looks like the real deal. Perhaps because we’ve expected it, the Bryz deal was a foregone conclusion. This Schenn kid could be something special. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.


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8 Responses

  1. it is smart to use hockeyfutures . com as the #1 site for learning about junior hockey players and how bad our depth in the farms actually were. The site has been spot on about prospects for years. We acquired the #1 prospect in all of the NHL by acquiring Schenn.

  2. EPSN’s Pierre LeBrun in today’s More Rumblings:
    •Jeff Carter on Friday was still incredibly upset about being traded, a source told When the Columbus rumors first began to fly earlier this month, he met with Flyers GM Paul Holmgren and was assured not to believe those rumors. Ouch.

  3. I follow Junior Hockey a lot because I currently play a high level of hockey. Anyways Brayden Schenn is only 19 years old. He had 99 points in 58 Games in the WHL and was a +41. At the time of those stats he was only 17 years of age. He barely made the draft cutoff by a week for the 09-10 season and he still managed to go Top 5 in the Draft. Had he been 1-2 weeks younger, He probably would have been the #1 overall pick in last years draft. Kid has a ton of upside. To give you an idea on how he does against older competition, he posted 3 goals 4 assists. (7pts) in 7 games in the AHL last season. Kid may not be an immediate impact but this kid could be the next big thing if he continues to develop at this rate.

  4. Richards had a horrible year and then acted like a smacked ass about it. Not a good combination if you want to stay in this town. Plus I think the other guys in the dressing room started having a problem with him too and no matter what anyone else says, it was clear to anyone paying any sort of attention to the situation that him and Lavs butted heads and since the Flyers are tired of firing coaches they tried firing a player or two for a change.

  5. What two picks did they get for Carter? And Im more upset over Carter then Richards Carter was the best player on the ice for the flyers last year bsh has a great break down on him and how good he was

  6. They on drank a sh.t load of beer, fucked many a bitches & came up small when it counted in the playoffs… GET GETTTTTT

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