Our friends at Drinker’s Philadelphia will be sponsoring this segment going forward. Nothing changes, except now we can play FREE fantasy baseball every week for legit prizes to Drinker’s.

Swag: Stutes’ hair wins. And it’s not even close, really.

Riot shot: The fireworks nut shot is just another in a string of hilarious (and disturbing) pics from last night. The Nicholas Sparks dry-hump, however, is a photo of epic proportions. For realsies, this one belongs next to the one of the sailor kissing the girl and eastern-looking guy getting his head blown off. Even the lighting, which had to be Photoshopped, glistens off her legs ever so gently, pulling you in closer to get an enticing glimpse of her nether regions… until you realize you’re looking at two trashy Canadians groping on the street in the middle of a riot. This wins. This wins everything.

More exciting: Bryz. But only because we need him more.

Crossing Broads: Oh boy. At first blush, this is tough. Yevgeniya looks like a solid 10, but Russians vary in their appearance more than Sarah Jessica Parker that time she wore 14 different outfits at the MTV Movie Awards (look it up). Anyone can look good on a red carpet. Underwood, on the other hand, is walking on sunshine. And by sunshine, I mean her legs. Good Lord, the photogenic power of those stilts is enough to power a small African village, or a Walmart. Plus, she’s spunky, talented, likes athletes, and her name sounds like underwear… just for a second.

Crossing Bros: You know my thoughts. If you don’t, just know that plaid is the key to my heart.

Unintentional comedy: Dude, if you don’t think I’m going to pull out an epic question from The Scout, you’re crazy. Hal Touch Point. Barkann loves that thing.


Finally, each week, as part of our Six Pack, we’re going to be running a one-night only FREE fantasy baseball league, thanks to our friends at Draft Street (much like we did two weeks ago). The league will be scored on Friday night, June 17th. The Cubs-Yankees game at 2:20 will not be included. Drinker’s will be giving away the prize- this week is a $25 gift certificate to any of their locations, plus a $5 account deposit at Draft Street to help get you started winning more money. If you’re under 21, you get the $5 plus a Drinker’s t-shirt. 

You can go here to signup. It’s free to play and we’ll notify the winner on Monday. We can’t offer up the large cash prizes every time, but 25 bones to go to a bar with $1 beers during all Phillies games and delicious tacos is an absolute win.

Play here.