Your Late Afternoon Roundup: Dalton Pepper Officially to Temple, Giveaways

– It's official, Dalton Pepper will take his 3-star talents to Temple.

– Ryan Howard apparently shot a new Subway commercial at PNC Park today. That's good, because there is NOTHING TO DO IN PITTSBURGH.

– A band called "The Baseball Project" will be performing at North Star Bar on Monday, June 6th. Ever hear of REM? Sure you have. Well, a few of those guys got together and formed a band that sings about, you guessed it, baseball. We have a couple of free tickets to see the show.

Want them? Send an email to crossingbroad [at] yahoo [dot] com. Include your name and age (21+). We'll choose a winner at random. The tickets will be waiting for you at will call on Monday.

Prior to the event, which begins at 8 P.M., the group will be singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame at the Phillies.

You can find out more info about the event here.

– Finally, completely un-sports related, CB reader Sara sends along her site, Essentially, they are looking for host families (two week time period) to give inner city kids a chance to experience the suburbs, outdoors, and "fresh air." More details here if you want to help. Be, like, a mentor, yo.

– And that concludes this portion of what is, apparently, the week in which nothing happens in local sports.


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  1. Hmm! Methinks I’ll dine at Subway today! Thanks for steering me in that direction, Ryan!

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