Earlier, the Phillies Tweeted out this picture of Roy Halladay shooting a public service announcement to support hunger relief. As reader Julie points out- look at those legs (!!). There are Third World houses that don't have foundations that thick.

– The Nationals signed J.C. Romero minor-league deal. That should be fun. His swag meter is going to be off the charts if he ever steps foot back in CBP. Of course, that doesn't mean he'll throw strikes.

– According to the Globe and Mail, HBO will indeed air 24/7 with the Flyers and Rangers in leadup to next year's Winter Classic. 

Here's the interesting part of the article, though: Pittsburgh's Dan Bylsma said that the cameramen were like a part of the team and obeyed most of their wishes. Um, yeah, this is why most reality shows don't allow the actors to talk to the crew. No wonder why we saw Crosby and Co. in such a positive light: [Globe and Mail via Broad Street Hockey]

“The first thing you think is they’re going to find me behind a closed door or see me yelling at a player… and they’re not trying to do that. They’re not hiding. You know where they’re at. If there’s situations you don’t want to be on TV or recorded, that’s there for you. I probably turned off the microphone… maybe 2 per cent of the time. They’re trying to make you look good and portray your team in a good light.”

While Bylsma doubts they’d let the cameras backstage in for the playoffs, he says it could work. “I wouldn’t be averse to that. If I got the same crew back. They were Pittsburgh Penguins. The eight guys (on the production crew) that were in our room were Pittsburgh Penguins. It was ‘we’ and ‘us’, and I still get texts from them.”


If that is truly the case – that the crew was like "part of the team" – expect Homer to fire them in the middle of taping and maybe or maybe not exchange them for a better crew.

– Earlier, I posted comments from Skip Bayless calling Cliff Lee the most "riveting" athlete in sports. I jokingly said that we would use it as an excuse to hate him, even though the comments were positive. Well, never mind. Reader Stephen reminds us that Bayless was the one who trashed Lee for his LeBron-like decision. Bayless: A flip-flopper and an asshole.