Your Mid Afternoon Carts: I Took Two Girls to the Liquor Store and Bought Them Mike’s Hard Edition

Screen shot 2011-06-20 at 4.55.22 PM

UPDATE: The girls in the pic asked to be removed… but, according to both the reader who sent this and the girls, that is indeed Carter.

It's been a while. Lots of trade rumors seem to have caused Carts to keep a low profile this summer. And that is exactly what he was trying to do here… when he brought two lady friends to buy some Mike's Hard Lemonade.

Now, before we get on Carts for his drink selection… let's turn our attention to those shorts. If Catholic schoolgirls wore something that far above their knees, they would be pistol whipped by a menopausal nun. Just how far above the knee are they? To put it in hockey terms, oh, about how much more lift was needed to force a Game 7 against Chicago.

Using the white iPhone (I think), presumably to update his buds back at the house – although I would imagine he uses the word "joint" – we see Carts helping to secure a cache of our favorite high school malt beverage, or, as some like to call it, "love juice." You keep on keepin' on, Mr. Carter.


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  1. A friend of mine told me she saw him last weekend with a girl with penciled on eyebrows…come on now!!!!

  2. Grabbing some booze at the Kixx, maybe he’ll come back for karaoke later.

  3. Yes! One of my favorite things on CB is back! Just a thought though, when these guys are down the shore and wherever else they go all summer, do they actually work out to prepare for the season? September will be here before you know it and all these guys do is booze, tan and bang broads.

  4. That guy isnt even as tall as the jeep he’s driving. That makes him less than 6 feet tall. Fakey McFakerson!

  5. That guy is too short and too skinny to be our cartsy. His face isn’t even in the picture how do u know if this is even him. I small bad journalism. I think u were just so excited to get a pic of jeff doing something wrong u would take anything. And well you did. Loved how u just got played! Your journalism skills are as good as cartsys puck lifting skills

  6. i dont know about all the other comments, but Larry, if you are basing it on the hotness of the girls… carts will bang anything with a pulse and vagina

  7. Looks like they made a much needed stop for some Orange Mocha Frappuccinos. Bonus points for you if you know the movie reference.

  8. according to both the person who sent it and the girls in the pic, it’s him. did you see the tires on the jeep… he looks short in comparison

  9. Jeff must have pulled the old ” You ladies have to go home, I’ll call the cab” after he had his way with them.

  10. I love Carter, he is the type of mother fucker that will stick his dick into anything. BTW Carter is “that guy” driving a jeep at the shore

  11. Busting on boardshorts? Someone has obviously never gotten laid at the shore. But keep fighting the good fight, brah.

  12. You have an incredibly unhealthy obsession with his lifestyle. You blog in your parents basement all day. Those two things are pathetic.

  13. That is Carts. My buddy was next to him on the beach that day and I have photo evidence.

  14. I get that you have a blog…and you have to have content etc, but could i suggest you get out more? Like maybe a movie with an actual female or possibly a movie? You’re stalking of Flyers players in the off-season is borderline pathetic

  15. Bob, I get out plenty. In fact, I’m wearing board shorts right now (that’s for you, OAB) and spent the night out in Sea Isle last night. My life isn’t nearly as boring as you’d like to think. In fact, I’d raise you this: Since you’re most likely sitting in an office (sorry, I know most of you are) complaining in a blog’s comments, and I’m nursing a Braca’s induced hangover about to walk down to the beach, that your actions are more borderline pathetic than mine.

  16. Funny I didn’t see any mikes hard on the recite the night the bruins won the cup.

  17. you guys are all fucked leave the guy alone while your at home jerking off he is probly banging your broad all you haters make me sick

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