Your Monday Morning Roundup

First off, I’m glad to see that we’re one featured-hoagie cycle into Wawa’s Hoagiefest (not an ad), which might be my favorite marketing campaign of all-time. I get so excited every time the ad comes on that I usually piss my pants and forget who I am for a half hour or so. But don’t think I didn’t notice that Wawa has retired the original song (this one) from its rotation. The new ones are good, but will never approach the level of “up in the sky, hoagie man’s flyin’ by, in the Wawa hoagie balloon…” For realsies, that song could have been on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and no one would have noticed the difference…. except the folks from the midwest, who would have insisted on calling it “Grinderfest,” eliciting images of a low-budget slasher film. Hoagieman wouldn’t like that.

Anyway, if any of you are in a cover band and want a skinny blogger to come on stage and sing Hoagiefest with you – or Fall Out Boy’s Sugar We’re Going Down (you find me a lay person who knows every single word to that song), which is kind of a life goal for me – let me know. I’m available.

On to the roundup.


A couple of quick notes:

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– Get all sorts of t-shirts from out friends at Philly Phaithful.

– We’re having a second tailgate. June 25th, 3 P.M. Same deal as last time: $10 gets you all you can drink and eat. This time we’ll have a second tap and more food. Details coming later today.


The roundup:

Morning Wood– The Phillies won yesterday, 7-3. Photo gallery… hither.

Bill Lyon, legend, writes about Doc’s cutter.

David Murphy takes a break from his heightened existence to regale us with tales of the Phillies' debt. Pretty in-depth breakdown of the situation.

J-Roll™ plays coy and says “no comment” when asked about his knee. He was walking with a noticeable limp.

The Phillies shot themselves in the foot by signing Lee (not really), they forfeited their first round pick in today’s draft. They do, however, have Washington’s second round pick (39 overall).

Dale Murphy talks about his days with the Phils:

“Of course we fought with the Mets whenever we played them and had a few interesting fights with the Braves, but really the game I had the most fun in was out in L.A. and we were down I’d like to say 11-3 late in the game and we came back and beat the Dodgers. It was funny because of the faces that Tommy Lasorda made getting so mad, throwing stuff around the dugout. And John Kruk was a bit mad too, because he missed room service back at the hotel. It was just one of those really fun games to be a part of.

“In the end,” Murphy reiterated, “I really just wish I wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”


Halladay wasn’t mad at the Angel Hernandez after the first inning yesterday- he was mad at himself. He yelled a “four letter word” and Hernandez thought it was direct at him. Halladay also hadn’t slid since high school.

Ryan Lawrence pits John Mayberry Jr. and Ben Francisco head-to-head. Hint: they’re basically the same human being… except for one small difference.


UPDATE: Joseph Hudak tracked down the voice of the Hoagie Man.

– Plaxico Burress leaves prison today… the Eagles might be interested. Drew Rosenhaus is his agent.

– Jayson Werth makes a ridiculous play. The Washington beat writers think he should bat leadoff. Heh.

– The Flyers lost rights to two prospects last week. Ryan Bright thinks they’re dumb.

– “HockeyBreak” has started a Jeff Carter to Columbus rumor. Grains of salt, folks. Grains of salt.

– Donald Brasher won his MMA debut… in 21 seconds.


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  1. I have seen the original commercial this year. I know because I strictly remember seeing him pull the hoagies from his ass.

  2. Your wawa comments got me in trouble at work for laughing in the office…job well done sir.

  3. I’m sure the Flyers signed Jeff Carter to an 11 year deal with trading him the year after in mind. Jeff Carter is going nowhere, and he is a valuble asset to this team.

  4. I used to love Hoagiefest with sammies at $2.99, now it’s just a sad sale at $3.49.

  5. I love the Hoagiefest ads etc, but the sale itself is a joke. It basically just serves to underscore how expensive Wawa is normally. “Yesss, Shortis on sale for $3.49. Wait, what? What do they normally cost? What, really?”

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