Your Mourning Carts: But I Don’t Wanna Go to Columbus Edition!

Jeff_carter_hidingWhere is Carts? (Source: 25 Stanley)

This has puffy shirt written all over it. I imagine the meeting between Jeff Carter, his agent, and Paul Holmgren – when Homer allegedly said Carts wasn't going anywhere – went something like the dinner in which Jerry agreed to where a pirate shirt. Perhaps Carts didn't understand Homer. Or maybe Homer is just a low talker. Or a liar… Whatever the case may be, the end result is Carts heading to Columbus, whether he likes it or not: [Columbus Dispatch via Puck Daddy]

Four days later, Jeff Carter has yet to make any public statement. As of Saturday, he had not spoken directly to any member of the Blue Jackets, including GM Scott Howson. The only known contact is a brief exchange of text messages with captain Rick Nash.

We're told repeatedly that Carter's anger is directed at the Flyers, that it has nothing to do with the fine city of Columbus and the likeable people therein. But the longer this goes, Blue Jackets fans can't help but take this personally. To be born in Columbus is to carry a heavy inferiority complex. This certainly doesn't help.


[Dispatch again]

Multiple sources from around the NHL have confirmed today that a Blue Jackets contingent, led by GM Scott Howson, is traveling to meet with newly-acquired center Jeff Carter today.

One source indicated that majority owner John P. McConnell and captain Rick Nash are with Howson, that they were traveling to Philadelphia. Neither Howson nor Nash immediately responded to text messages from The Dispatch seeking comment.


The former One Seven is obviously crushed by the trade. If the reaction of Mike Richards is any indication (Richie told Ted Sobel that him and his best friend wanted to play together for their entire careers), Carts is devastated by the move. Richie will at least go to sunny California. Carts is heading to Columbus. Eeesh.

UPDATE: Carts speaks, from Sea Isle:

“It’s been a tough couple of days,” Carter said. “I spent six years in Philadelphia. I think so highly of the organization. It was a real shot to me.

“My decision to not talk had absolutely nothing to do with being traded to Columbus. I know it’s a team that has struggled in the past, but there’s a great future there, a lot of young players. I’m excited to be there.”


I bet.

Our spy in Sea Isle told me that Carts was joined by his father this weekend, and that the two spent time boating. Man, this whole saga has Ryan Gosling undertones, too.

Part of the blame here has to fall on Holmgren. Putting aside feelings about the trade – both positive and negative – Homer may quickly be developing a reputation as a hit-man. Flyers Faithful does a nice job of pointing out Homer's recent string of whacking (Christ, this is turning into a mob flick), which now includes offing the captain and leading scorer- both were guys the organization had been grooming for the last half decade.

If Homer really did tell Carter and his agent, Rick Curran, that One Seven wasn't on the block, that doesn't reflect well on him or the organization. Whatever happened behind the scenes, which had to be substantial enough to swap the captain for a rookie and some cap space, shouldn't excuse the treatment Richards and Carter. Both players signed decade-long contracts to play here. They deserved better. 

The NHL is a small community. If word gets out that the GM of the Flyers is a backstabber (examples: liar, liar), it won't bode well for future signings.

June 13th: [Philly Sports Daily]

A report from the Columbus Dispatch says that the Blue Jackets have had discussions with the Flyers about the No. 8 overall pick in the draft that begins on June 24, but also mentioned the talks may have gone so far as to a potential trade for Jeff Carter that would bring the rights to restricted free agent to-be Jakub Voracek with the first-round pick.

However, Carter’s agent, Rick Curran, tells Philly Sports Daily that he thinks his client’s future is here in Philadelphia.

“I’ve spoken with Paul [Holmgren] a number of times and am not concerned about the rumors,” Curran said. “That’s just what they are.”


June 22nd, the day before Carter was traded: [Philly Sports Daily]

Speaking of speculation and rumors, one of the possible moves to clear cap space is to trade Jeff Carter. Speculation of a trade involving the Columbus Blue Jackets has heightened in both cities over the past few days, but Carter’s agent told Philly Sports Daily on Wednesday that nothing has changed and he still expects his client to be a Flyer next season.


Homer, of course, denies this version of the meeting(s?). He said: "I was in the room and I'm not sure I would word it that way."

Whatever. Not only did Homer trade away the two faces of the franchise, the perception – whether real or fake – is that he's a backstabber. There's a difference between business and just flat out being an asshole. Judging by Carts' reaction, or lack thereof, I'm going to go with the latter.

Of course, it's now time for Carts to man up, too. I'd move to Columbus for $58 million… even though I don't want to be a pirate, either.


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  1. I hope word does get out how Homer does his dealings!He clearly back-stab um!Hopefully Cart’s and Richie will have a great season with their new teams!!! Good luck guys!!

  2. Perhaps this behavior is one of the reasons he got traded. Homer and the rest of the Flyers brass were not big on Richie and Carts affinity for center city bars and loose Drexel coeds.
    Carter now seems to be showing his immaturity in a very public light. I know if my job forced me to move to Columbus I would be just as pissed. However, I’d man up or quit. If it’s that devestating to him, retire. For fucks sake if I was told to move to Columbus for $58 million, I’d take the first flight out of Philly.

  3. I agree with you. He’ll still have summers off to spend in SIC and when not in Columbus he’ll be on the road in plenty of cool cities where he can get some road p***y. Fear not: Carts will be fine.

  4. I understand where he is coming from and he has the right to be mad. After hearing him talk today, I agree even more with the fact that he waited to talk. He didn’t want to let his emotions get the beat of him resulting in saying something that he would regret and would lead to more problems for him. I disagree with the way Homer handled the situation, but then again we will probably never know what really happened behind closed doors. Best of luck to Carter in Columbus and I know I will continue to support him!

  5. funny thing is with the realignment possibility, we may be playing him alot more…..uh oh

  6. Hey D, so basically what you’re saying is that you’re a Richards and Carter, not a Flyers fan? Feel free to leave any time. I’d rather my GM be known as an aggressive back stabber than my team being known as a bunch of overpaid Temple frat boys.

  7. Oh boo hoo. Grow up, it’s a business. Maybe if Carter would actually played like his head wasn’t up his ass, maybe he would still be in Philly and not cry about moving to Columbus.

  8. Bottom line is its a business. I dont think we know what went down so we cant really speak like we do. Carter will get over it and so will Richie. They will have great years in their new towns and be treated very well like they were here. Everyone needs to stop complaining about it. People are traded. It sucks. But life goes on, as does the Flyers organization, which is a great and classy organization. Part of the business. Homer is trying to bring a cup here. Richie and Carter were not the two to bring us there, as Homer sees it. I trust the dude, he is a damn good GM. Loved those two guys, but Im loving the new look squad we have. We’ve got a top 5 NHL goalie people.

  9. Think about it this way.
    Jayson Werth went to a shitty team, but it took a MASSIVE contract for him to want to go there.
    Carter did the complete opposite, signed a long-term cheap contract to stay in a place where he could win. And he got sent to a shitty team and still has to get paid less than he’d get on the market. It is a douche move by the Flyers.

  10. There isn’t sh*t to do in Ohio. Carts had to of been crying on that boating trip

  11. I was waiting for an article like this. What are the repercussions going to be for future signings? Maybe Homer felt it was time for Carter and Richards to go, but we’ve got JVR and Giroux due for contracts in the next few years. Would they have signed for 10+ years as well if this didn’t happen? Will they have trouble signing the guys they just acquired? NHL players are different from NBA, NFL, and MLB. The commitment Carter and Richards showed may be something we don’t see again with Homer in the GM role.
    Interesting to see what the future holds.

  12. Famous saying…
    “If Wayne Gretzky can be traded, ANYONE can be traded!”
    Suck it up Carter. Move on. Sorry it’s Columbus, but if him and Nash could turn it around together, they’d be heroes in that city.

  13. Free agency was the death knell for lifetime players. Makes you appreciate the guys that are one-team players nowadays. Few and far between, but that’s life in today’s team sports.

  14. I kinda feel bad for Carter. It ain’t like he sucked here or anything.
    And if Homer had done a better job of providing this team with a freaking goalie at any point over the last 5 years, we probably win a Cup already & none of these trades happen.

  15. From my understanding a lot of it had to do with the off ice antics that was effecting on ice play. They were warned and had been talks but kept on with their partying ways. Now he wants to cry about it and it’s too little too late

  16. Seriously what the fuck do you think carts agent would say. Homer and co. Laid down the rules earlier in the season and they didn’t want to play by them. Carts agent went to smooth things over with homer when the rumors started to fly and he said beat it. Everybody knew they were shopping carts. If this had been Richards agent yeah I would buy it but EVERYBODY knew carts was being shopped. Carts agent probably told carts he would “fix it” and when he didn’t he’s just trying to cover his own ass.
    You people need to get the fuck off homers case. He’s trying to win a cup any getting rid of the cancer, while painful, had to be done. Ed Snider rules the roost. He owns the team and wants to win another cup before he kicks the bucket.
    You should all thank god he is who he is (and not Jerry jones for example).
    As JVR said it is a business.

  17. Hey Holmgren’s mafia feel free to shut up anytime now! Dude everyone has an op, get over it.

  18. Wonder if we’ve seen the end of NHL players taking the old “hometown discount?” Or is this just going to have repercussions in Philly? I don’t think you will see the Flyers get another guy to take a dollar less than market value from them for many years. I don’t care what the circumstances are, these moves will definitely impact future signings.

  19. @NickFromGermantown: The Ohio State football team rules the pu**y in Cbus. It’s that kind of town.

  20. Get over it, this is a business, and Homer did what he had to do. They can cry about it all they want, but a real shot at the Stanley Cup isn’t something that happens often, sometimes a player may get one sniff throughout his entire career. Carter’s crest-sinking missiles just weren’t enough to get it done. You can’t get too comfortable when there are millions of dollars invested in you.

  21. whatever. newflash to whose who didn’t know: this is a business. hockey was always like this. but it’s nice to see how classy columbus is by trying to reach out to carter. has that ever happened here when a new guy came to the flyers in the past 15 or so years? can’t recall.
    perhaps now, the flyers can become (and be known) as a TEAM. instead of the cliques they were.

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