A Trip Around the NL East: Bryce Harper’s New Tattoos, K-Rod to the Brewers

Brycecakes got two new tattoos this weekend. Captured by DC Sports Blog, here's a photo of Harper's new "Pops" and "Mom" tattoo on his wrists. As SB Nation points out, there's one problem. This is how it will look to Harper for the rest of his life:


In fact, when he's up to bat, the time cameras will be most focused on his arms, the tats will appear upside down. Oops.

The Mets waved the white flag on 2011. They traded Francisco Rodriguez to the Brewers for two players to be named later.

New Mets owner, David Einhorn, was eliminated from the World Series of Poker.



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  1. Most tattoo artists will recommend getting wrist tattoos to face outward (easier to show off).

  2. @ Eric, would you rather he jerk it with Mom?
    @MPH I have two wrist tattos and it’s not bad, the worst is ribs.

  3. When i was in highschool, 3 years ago, I knew at least 5 kids with the same tattoo. I suspect more have it now. All Douches.

  4. @ I Told You So: One isn’t any better than the other. I’m just saying that it’s an dumb place to get those particular tats. You want to ‘praise’ your parents go for it.

  5. So, who follows K-Rod out the door next in Flushing? Reyes? Beltran? Wright? Hell, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the Mess’ brain trust (an oxymoron in itself) is currently cooking up some sort of scheme to dump Johan Santana’s contract.
    Yep, the Mess. America’s train wreck.

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