Asante Samuel Doesn’t Like Your Big Fines, Mr. Goodell

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We're not going to bog you down in the minutia of millionaires fighting with billionaires, but this is just one example of the rift that still exists between the players and owners.

Tim McManus has a full recap of what happened yesterday and a schedule for how things should progress.

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9 Responses

  1. The Only reason football matters anymore is because of fantasy. There are a lot less “hardcore” football fans then there used to be.

  2. The NFL just pisses me off. They see themselves (as a whole) as an untouchable force that cannot be touched, even outside of sports…even to the point that the die-hard fans are so brainwashed that they see themselves as privileged sports fans that have been welcomed into an exclusive club in which they and only they are able to watch the one and only great sport. The problem with that logic is that it’s a ridiculously boring sport that is drug out hours longer than it should be. Just look at the averages!! There’s only an average of 11 minutes of actual game action!!! ELEVEN EFFING MINUTES!!! ( I can only hope that they keep pissing at each other until the NFL finally gets humbled, at least a little bit. They’ve already started losing sponsors that got sick of waiting around, whom decided to put their money elsewhere. That’s a start I suppose…

  3. Robbie E: You took the words right out of my mouth! Asante couldn’t spell “hit” if you gave him the first two letters!
    So, the league lost sponsors, eh? Big whoop. The line of companies chomping at the bit to fill that void is probably a mile long since they know the NFL can make them beaucoup bucks. So I seriously doubt Roger Goodell and his cronies are losing any sleep over those defections.

  4. @Evaporationboy
    I totally agree. The NFL has become drunk with their power. I was really hoping for a strike a la baseball in 1994 that has a major impact on the sport. I understand it’s a business, but the NFL is ridiculously tyrannical. It’s annoying.
    Plus I wouldn’t mind seeing hockey get a boost in the sports vacuum…

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