Bleachers Going Up at Lehigh?

According to reader Greg, who Tweeted us this picture, the temporary bleachers are being built at Lehigh. Looks like football is right around the corner…


5 Responses

  1. So really, the only thing that managed to happen was these 30 real-life scrooges got to cut expenses in the 4 months it took to agree to essentially the same thing that was on the table with some minor changes, rookie payroll or whatever actually changed, just in time for all the revenue-generating-events to get started. And the players didn’t have to do a bunch of what they seem to think are useless o.t.a’s and just really have a nice long summer vacation.
    Go back to troph you mindless fools, football has you hooked like crack flavored meth…and you’re all going to go running back. Keep making all these assholes richer beyond belief, they never gave a shit about any of you this entire time.

  2. Bleue, are you under the impression they gave a shit about the fans before this lockout?
    I got news for ya: Every single professional sporting event in the history of time happened because someone wanted to make money.

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