According to Buster Olney, the Phillies are frontrunners to land one of the Padres' relievers: Heath Bell, Mike Adams, or Chad Qualls. Olney also believes the Phillies have made reliever a priority over a right-handed bat.

As I wrote earlier, the key to this season may very well be the bullpen, though I'm not sure it is the worry most consider it to be.

Think about this for a moment: Ryan Madson, Michael Stutes, Antonio Bastardo, and yes, even Kyle Kendrick have all been extremely reliable this year. Add on to that, Jose Contreras (who now has serious injury issues), Brad Lidge (expected to return soon), and Juan Perez (electric but risky) and you have the perfect mix of experience and youth. Adding a guy like Heath Bell, if for just the awesome factor alone, will be a huge lift to an already diverse group that is picking up the crumbs left behind by the best starting rotation in 20 years. 

I picture Ruben Amaro sitting in his office chewing on palm leaves and nodding his head – perhaps with a pseudo-American masseuse working his feet – as if to say "this should do it." 

Heath Bell also has that Todd Herremans I'm a chubby guy who loves to party look about him. We like that here in Philadelphia. See also Incaviglia, Pete; Kruk, John.

Also, this guy could be dangerous when teamed with Ryan Madson.

Screen shot 2011-07-15 at 3.21.38 PM

Work those feet, Tiana.