Chase Utley Calls Chris Wheeler Muff

Oh, Chasey. First you treat me to my first ever in-person inside-the-park home run (more on that in the Wood), then you needle Wheels during your post-game interview.

In case you don't know, Muff is short for Muffin, the name Wheels hates so much. Sarge frequently drops it in at the conclusion of his post-game interviews, much to the chagrin of Wheels… and delight of T-Mac. And you.

Watch the way Sarge places the mic back in front of Chase's face. Oh yeah, that was planned.

Bonus video of Chaseton's inside-the-park home run, after the jump. Listen to T-Mac and Sarge just blow their loads all over the booth.

H/T to Matt for the video


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  1. It’s hilarious because Utley made fun of the most hated announcer in the history of sports, but I still can’t find out what it means

  2. Does anyone know what muffing means? I’ve been trying to figure it out but I don’t know

  3. “TMac and Sarge just blow their loads all over the booth” haha fuckin classic line right there. thats top notch blogging right there

  4. Exhibit ZZZ of why the Philly faithful will forever love Utley….gotta appreciate the constant hustle shown, bad knee or not, on every play. And thumbs up to Worley on his 1st complete game of his career, the vanimal is a beast, no arguing that.

  5. Thank you for explaining that. I had no idea what he said. I kept rewinding my DVR to see what he said. I thought he said “we done?” Now I see why Wheels said that was uncalled for.

  6. “T-Mac and Sarge just blow their loads all over the booth.”
    They ain’t the only ones. Hahahah. And did you cream your girlie panties too, Boy-yle? Hahahahahah
    And seggwaying back to the Sarge interview, I think I have a good new alternate nickname for you, Laddie:
    “Creamie Muffin”, or “Cream Muff” for short.
    And congrats to Vanimal for his firs ML CG. I wonder when we’re going to see some idiot SanFanFan blogger wonder “All right, who the fuck is Vance Worley?”:

  7. muffin is what chris wheelers lady friend calls him… my parents met larry anderson and asked him. he laughed hysterically as he answered

  8. PS: How is it Ibanez wasn’t named Player of the Game?
    He had that 3 run homer to put the Phillies in the lead for the rest of the game:
    Then made that indredible catch off the wall later in the game:
    And that sweet sliding catch to boot:
    I mean, I love Utley as much as any other Phillies fan, and that inside the park HR was great, and Utley made a nice defensive play:
    But without that big HR by Ibanez in the 1st, the rest of the game might have taken on a much diffrent flavour.

  9. without Utley’s two-out, first inning double, Raul never gets to the plate for his 3-run blast.
    look at the tape of Utley circling third on his 4-bagger. The look on his face – – that’s why kids (big and little) play this game – – and maybe one in a million reaches such a pinnacle.
    words really fail. but, like Harry said, “Chase is the Man.”
    takes nothing away from a great game by Raul.

  10. DaleG, I’m not arguing with you, but by your argument, we could maybe say, well, for instance, if they faced Timmie “Dazed & Confused” Lincecum instead of Zito, it would have been a 1-2-3 top of the 1st. It’s all conjektjurr. My point is there was more than one guy who was key to getting the win. Maybe CSN should do it like MLB(.com) and name “key players in the game”.
    And to get back to your point about Raul not getting on if Utley hadn’t doubled, if you read my earlier post, I argue that Raul deserved it more not just because of the 3 run homer, but because in addition to the 2 big defensive plays he made. But I also mentioned Utley had that nice grab spin and throw to 1st for the out. (But Marinez and Rollins made some great defensive plays too.) And Vanimal was great too, maintaining his composure after allowing a run in the 1st.

  11. Chase Utley, you are the MAN!!!!!!
    Phils are starting to hit, Polonco is coming back and Lidge looked pretty good! That slider was biting a lot! Lost 4-5mph on his fastball, but he’ll be a 6th/7th inning guy for the stretch run. If we can’t get Pence, I say we add a bullpen arm and go for it!

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