Carlos Ruiz on Cover of Sports Illustrated

Carlos Ruiz will be on the cover of this week's Sports Illustrated. Chooooooooooooooooooooch!

That's little Derek Jeter in the upper left… actually, he's on the other regional cover. Sooo… there's that.

H/T to (@BryanAGraham) for the picture and cover info


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  1. Sweet.. I’d love to get this to frame and hang in the “cave” – yeah I’m a tool. Unfortunately I’m in the NY market so my local issue will probably be DJ. Anyone know how to buy out-of-market SI issues? Email me []

  2. choooch deserves to treat himself to ice cream after this accomplishment

  3. Regarding the SI cover jinx, I’d say it depends on your point of view….and how superstitious you happen to be. Remember, the Five Aces graced the cover back in the spring, and now two of them (Roy Oswalt, Joe Blanton) are on the shelf. Coincidence? Who knows. As for the Chooch cover….beyond awesome!

  4. Whenever was Joe Blanton considered an ace? Maybe the ace of cakes or the ace of beer pong, but certainly not pitching.

  5. As of 7/14 at 1pm, the only cover available through the above URL is the Jeter one. Boo.

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