Cliff Lee Believes in Bigfoot

Cliff_lee_bigfootGuys, you're not going to believe this, but…

This is amazing.

Thanks to reader Chris – who apparently frequents Crypotmundo in his free time – for bringing this to our attention.  

The site, which exists for the sole purpose of discussing the existence of mythical creatures (how fitting), posted an excerpt from Buster Olney's Insider blog in which Olney wrote about Lee's belief in Sasquatch:

Cliff Lee has been known by his teammates for being incredibly competitive and intense. But unlike most pitchers, he tends to be his most talkative before and during games he pitches.

Most starting pitchers make it be known by teammates that they are to be left alone, within their zone of focus, on the days that they pitch. But whether it’s because of an overflow of nervous energy, or just confidence, others have noticed that Lee likes to talk before his starts. He was about to make one of his starts in a past season when the news broke that some animal remains had been found — and an initial claim, by those finding the parts, was that the remains were those of Bigfoot.

Lee told teammates he was sure that finally — finally — evidence of Bigfoot had been found; he was sure this was history. Those around him kept telling him that, no, this couldn’t be right, that the body parts couldn’t be Bigfoot. This debate over Bigfoot went on for awhile, in the last minutes before he took the mound.

It was an example, in the eyes of someone in the room, of Lee’s own confidence in his plan and his pitching preparation that he could carry on this conversation without concern for the game about to start.


Perhaps Lee was telling teammates about this discovery. I can only imagine the look of disdain he was met with from Doc.

I don't have an Insider account to confirm the story, but Olney did Tweet the tidbit on July 3rd (how did we miss this???).

So yeah, Cliff Lee believes in Bigfoot… or, as reader Steve put it: Bigfoot believes in Cliff Lee.

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  1. Fouke Monster, legend of boggy creek, it’s an Arky thing. they start feedin them that line of BS early down there, keeps them from drinkin in the clear cut all night and potentially impregnating a cousin.

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