Cole Hamels and His Murse Took a Stroll Through West Chester Today


Indiana Jones wears one

Here's a shot of Cole Hamels, tonight's starter, hanging at the intersection of Gay and High in West Chester… or, as I like to it, Liberals’ Alley.

Thankfully, it looks like Cole was staying plenty hydrated in this heat. Perhaps he had more water bottles in his man-purse… that's where he keeps all his things.

H/T to Brian

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21 Responses

  1. He loves lunch in West Chester on his pitching days. Turkey on whole wheat, I believe, eh Cole.

  2. Shouldn’t he be at home chillin or is he getting himself used to this heat. The man purse is so him/Calif!

  3. Of course. He’s in West Chester… The day I’m not working in WEST CHESTER… Typical.

  4. I still have trouble believing he’s a pro athlete – I have neices in pre-k who look tougher than him

  5. I mean, isnt a baseball infield sort of shaped like the new logo? I actually the recent iteration of the Phils logo, but wish they would go back to the powder blues more. Now those were pimpin uni’s.

  6. When he lived in WC he used to walk around CARRYING his little white lap dog. No joke man. He also used to eat the same meal at Spences before every start.

  7. Fuck this, I work right down the street everyday…Victorino was at the Dairy Queen in West Chester before AllStar break 20 minutes after I left too…Phillies appear where I am, right after I leave

  8. Spence’s of course is closed, but still, maybe West Chester brings Cole good luck.
    And, Kyle, you’re a little off on the Liberal’s Alley reference. True West Chester residents know the real Liberal’s Alley is four blocks east at Borough Hall (spoken as a former 15-year resident of West Chester).

  9. if Cole continues to pitch like he did tonight on his way to a Cy Young award and another World Series trophy, he can walk around in high heels and a dress for all I care

  10. if Limoncello food and Cugino papers get Cole in the mood to pitch like he did last nite, I hope he visits WC before every start.

  11. I got drunk with Cole Hamels at Ryan’s the winter after the ’08 triumph. He was hammered, doing shots with the whole bar, stumbling while guest bartending. I believe someone had to drive him home. It was tremendous.

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