DeSean Jackson Hosted an After Hours ESPYs Party at Bare, a Gentlemen’s Club in LA

This party's goin deep n2 da night and u do no that!!!

D-Jac Tweeted:



I just love the name of this club. The word bare is so underrated in our vernacular. It's equal parts sexy and comical in describing pure, unabashed nudity. I love it so much that, in college, I used it to name my senior year marketing product: Bare Scents.

You see, being a senior in a group of sophomores affords you little voting leverage. My group was determined to come up with a product – for our 60% of grade trade show – that served as both a hair remover and deodorizer for men. For real. [Editors note: Now would be a good time to mention that I went to Villanova.]

Despite thinking it was the stupidest, most non-marketable product we could possibly come up with, my group mates plowed ahead. We at least needed a good name. Boom: Bare scents. Our mascot would be… wait for it… a bear. You see the little wordplay there? Yeah, thought so. 

The project culminated in me shaving half my face for the final trade show. When marketing professionals came around to scout and grade us, one group member, Roshun, would turn my head, saying "on this side, a dull razor… – flips chin – … but on the other side… bare scents." And that's the only class I ever failed in college.

Anyway, D-Jac got it in last night. Figuratively speaking. Probably.

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17 Responses

  1. @Gary whats wrong dude??? your wife won’t let you visit a titty bar anymore? a party with a bunch of naked women running around how much more growing can one do???

  2. @Dwayne – good to see that you can read.
    This ghetto thug attitude is great, hope he keeps it up. Do people even say “Tha Joint” anymore?
    He can rock the shit out of his Washington Nationals tattoo out there, so thats good.

  3. Good to see D-jac hard at work adding that 15 lbs of muscle between his ears.
    Nothing worng with the ho chasin but with all this attention whore’s offseason distractions whats the over and under on his season ending injury? Game 10 work?

  4. I agree that this guy needs to grow up. GRAY is right on, the ghetto thug attitude is high school, crap like this is exactly what is wrong with the NBA. I bet the classier(is that a word) of our receivers Maclin wasnt out partying…. hmmm whats that J-Mac’s twitter page, you were attending a youth football camp at the same time D jack was being a douche? good for you!/jmac_18

  5. Here’s the digest version for those who’re pressed for time:
    “I just love the name of this club…
    Blah, blah, blah…
    It’s all about me, now, it’s all about me…
    Blah, blah, blah…
    Anyway, D-Jac got it in last night.”
    You’re welcome, Boyo.

  6. @Iron Balls McGinty – Great summary. You could tell the author was struggling to make a story out of this. Love the blog overall though. One of my favorite reads on this interweb machine. Just not this article.

  7. Janeen’s Plow, yeah, it’s enjoyable but we can’t let our Laddie Boy get off the hot seat too easily, no?
    And just so you know, I’m not getting on any hot seat meself. What with my hemmerroids and what-not.

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