DeSean Jackson Tells Radio Caller He’s a “Gay Ass Fa$$ot”

Uh ohs.

Here's audio – via Deadspin and DC Fanatic – of DeSean Jackson on-air with Sirius XM's Shade 45, an Eminem hip hop channel, on June 30th. Things were going just swimmingly until D-Jac took a call from Troy in Tennessee: [Deadspin]

In it, you'll hear DeSean not take too kindly to one of the calls, from Troy in Tennessee. Troy asks if DeSean's "had his dick knocked in the dirt [indecipherable]," before the call ends. According to the invaluable Urban Dictionary, knocking one's dick in the dirt entails knocking someone down or out—maybe even giving someone a concussion?

Jackson replies, "What type of question is that? Say 'no homo', gay-ass. Faggot."


Marshall would be so proud.

To be fair, making fun of a dude's concussion isn't cool. But D-Jac crossed a pretty obvious line here.

Look for the fallout to begin in 3…2…


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  1. He crossed a line? Why, because we’ve been conditioned to accept homosexuality? I find it disgusting. And I think Jackson had every right to speak freely. People are free to be queer in America, and people are free to call queers “faggots” in America. Their right to be gay doesn’t trump Jackson’s right to call them gay. I hope he doesn’t apologize. The homosexual movement is trying to push their lifestyle on our kids now that they have already pushed it on us, and I think it’s time we stop capitulating.

  2. Someone put a muzzle on that dude already. I love him but damn he says some stupid stuff.

  3. Freedom of speech, that’s all I have to say. But it doesn’t make it right. But still people are going to over react.

  4. Oh the homophobes are out in force. Poor straight men. They are so oppressed by equal rights. GET OUT. You are so small – and not real men.

  5. Thank you killahdelph. I too am sick of the “tolerance movement” of the last two decades. Everything is ok. If you want to make love to your dog then that is fine and nobody is allowed to say anything about it.
    Is there a show on TV that doesn’t promote a homosexual agenda or at least have very questionably affeminate men? No. It’s a clear movement whether people like it or not and it’s been forced on everyone. It’s sickening. You want to be allowed to be a gay faggot? Then why do you take offense to being called a gay faggot? Call a spade a spade.

  6. I always shudder to read through any form of comments section. The internet gives cowardly haters the anonymity they need to launch their disgusting attacks on others. DeSean Jackson is an idiot, and any good Eagles fan doesn’t want the team sullied like this. Keep your discrimination to yourself, Jackson.

  7. Killadelph is what’s wrong with this country. People who can’t accept people for what they are, are disgusting. Way to build that bridge to the 19th century…
    And to be completely honest, one of my gay friends introduced me to my current girlfriend. Best looking, and coolest girl I’ve ever dated.
    I just hope homophobes on this board are not having children. I really hope the racist, homophobic, intollerant types are coming close to extinction…

  8. Killadeph, so it’d be OK to call a black guy a nigger or how about a Hispanic guy a dirty spic? That’s freedom of speech right? You’re an idiot, end of discussion.
    This has nothing to do with dude being gay(which I’m sure he wasn’t), it was a flat out slur. Gay people aren’t trying to convert your kids you dumbshit.
    DeSean was on TV preaching for tolerance and pulls this shit? Stay classy DeSean.
    Now if I said you can take the nigger out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the nigger I’d be wrong, right? I mean it’s freedom of speech? If he wants to be a ghetto nigger then he should be called a ghetto nigger? Yes? Just calling a spade a spade as one person put it.
    Now I don’t go around saying what I just said, I said it to prove a point show how ignorant people are. If you don’t agree with homosexuality, fine…that’s your right but show some class. At the end of the day what people do in their bedroom is their business…and don’t hand me the “well I see it in public” crap…it’s real nice seeing straight people go at it at a movie theater or in the park, ALL of it should be kept in the home and out of the public eye.
    Anyway, it’s nice to see we still have some ignorant, clueless people in this area.

  9. Ace… Where do I begin…
    1. Tolerance movement of the last two decades? Try The Gay rights movement started with Stonewall in 1969. How about the Civil Rights movement in 1964 or Women’s Suffrage from 1848? I could continue, but there is no need.
    It’s just so tough being a straight white male… rough times, huh buddy?
    2. Are you really comparing loving a person of the same sex to an animal? If that’s the case then, you’re saying homosexuals are not human.
    3. “Is there a show on TV that doesn’t promote a homosexual agenda or at least have very questionably affeminate men?” Plenty, in fact most and television really didn’t have gay characters until Ellen. But you should probably stop watching shows that promote letting people be themselves and just stick to Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Since it makes you so uncomfortable.
    4. “It’s a clear movement whether people like it or not and it’s been forced on everyone. It’s sickening.” Haha yes! It’s a big liberal conspiracy sponsored by Gays and Al Gore to make the entire world gay, full of rainbows and unicorns. You blew our cover, time to pack it up boys. No one is making you consume media that is gay-friendly. In fact there are millions of dollars being funded to hate groups to stop the “Gay Problem.”
    5. “Gay Faggot” is redundant and clearly shows your idiocy. It’s like, “Jew Kike” “Black Nigger” … You get my point (I hope). You do realize that these terms are used because the person is just lacks the vocabulary to accurately describe an individual verbalize the real reason they’re feeling anger/fear/insecurity.
    6. Calling a spade a spade:
    I’m thinking it’s about time you came out of the closet. Your hatred is just self-loathing and insecurity over your manliness. Maybe possible daddy issues? I promise you there are many many many gay males that even in their most feminine ways are more of a man than you will ever be, I can promise you that. But don’t worry buddy, life is so much better when you’re out and your parents will still love you.
    Also you might want to take it up with heterosexuals, because they can’t seem to stop having gay children. I wish lots of gay babies for you.
    (This applies to Killadelphia also, the LGBT community is awaiting your arrival)

  10. People have flaws and we all make mistakes. I say cut him some slack. #overreaction

  11. John, if other people dont have kids, whos going to. Since any faggot or dyke is incapable, where the fuck else are you going to get reproduction.
    This is sports. keep the fairies out of it. I dont need to hear about some mamby-pamby cocksucker getting off on seeing his teammates naked.
    Freedom of speech. You can say whatever you want. Al you faggot supporters claim others are close minded, but then you think that the way you think is the only or “right” way. Sounds pretty close minded to me.

  12. CR, I can most certainly have a kid. So how do you figure?
    I had no idea you knew so much about gay agenda, you’ve must have spent hours upon hours on the internet researching LGBT issues. You know, because keeping an open-mind and what not?
    I hope it’s for the lols.
    Oh one more question… What publications do you use that you feel would discuss some “mamby-pamby cocksucker getting off on seeing his teammates naked” because honestly, that’s steamy material. And since there ARE gays in professional sports, one could only assume that this already happens. Lol, so spill.

  13. honestly who gives a fuck? desean isnt the first/only person in the world to say that. i honestly doubt we’ll hear about this because its on a low profile show like this.

  14. The word faggot hits to close to home for Kyle, so he felt the need to censor it 😐

  15. killadelph is kind of right, in the sense that the same freedom homosexuals demand to live their lives the way they want to without oppression is the same exact that should be demanded to feel any kind of way about homosexuals. its not required that anyone be ok with anyone elses lifestyle.
    that being said, jackson needs to stfu. does he think that no homosexuals support the eagles? this is a philadelphia team and he needs to be representing philadelphia which has a very large gay community. so dont wear rainbow underwear or assless chaps if you dont want to, but just dont enflame tensions with a loyal community.

  16. The main reason the word faggot is unacceptable, insulting, etc. is due to its origin. The word faggot originally meant a pile of sticks or kindlewood back in the ole witch burning days. But while they would burn those who they thought were witches at the stake, they deemed homosexuals too disgusting to receive such a nice quick death. So instead they would just burn the homosexuals along with the kindlewood to make fire, thus creating the term “flaming faggot”.

  17. I understand the freedom of speech argument, I do. However, I’d love to know how DJack would feel if someone decided to drop him the N-word.

  18. it’s called the evolution of language people. faggot is no longer a slang term for a gay person. gay is not explicitly meant to refer to homosexuals. some people will get offended, but fuck em. a word is a word and it cannot offend you unless you let it

  19. Killadelph no doubt in my mindI agree everyone is so damn touchy now a days who gives ya a fuck a faggot is a faggot. That word has many meanings as does nigger. The problem is people are so damn touchy we got a black president elected based on the fact he was black and was so underqualified it wasn’t funny. But that’s another issue. Here’s the problem people get so touchy over nothing it’s ridiculous. And I wanna point out since we’ve given gays way more tolerance,giving the ghetto niggers more empowerment you notice are quality of life all around and morality is going down? Seriously think about just sports and all these headcase athletes you hear holding out of they’re contract for more,being lazy, making poor decisions, or generally being a cancer to the team they’re usually African American now why is that

  20. faggot
    if you only found the word nigger to be wrong, your an asshole

  21. who gives a shit….it’s a fucking word….get over it….you’re all idiots….on both sides of the argument…why does anyone give a shit about anyone else’s business?
    i hope the world ends soon.

  22. I’m getting the feeling a lot of you are NASCAR fans and probably have an extensive jean short collection.

  23. anyone youtubed that niggerfaggot video…not racist, or hateful, but it is funny…what are we arguing about again?

  24. i have to say that is pretty offensive…he ought to have called him a faggot ass faggot. i find that slightly more funny. btw the original poster is a dope and the world would, most likely, be better off w/o him/her. why anyone would care about where and what a man does with his penis is beyond me?

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