Uh ohs.

Here's audio – via Deadspin and DC Fanatic – of DeSean Jackson on-air with Sirius XM's Shade 45, an Eminem hip hop channel, on June 30th. Things were going just swimmingly until D-Jac took a call from Troy in Tennessee: [Deadspin]

In it, you'll hear DeSean not take too kindly to one of the calls, from Troy in Tennessee. Troy asks if DeSean's "had his dick knocked in the dirt [indecipherable]," before the call ends. According to the invaluable Urban Dictionary, knocking one's dick in the dirt entails knocking someone down or out—maybe even giving someone a concussion?

Jackson replies, "What type of question is that? Say 'no homo', gay-ass. Faggot."


Marshall would be so proud.

To be fair, making fun of a dude's concussion isn't cool. But D-Jac crossed a pretty obvious line here.

Look for the fallout to begin in 3…2…