DRC Jersey Available on Eagles’ Website

Screen Shot 2011-07-27 at 12.44.14 PM

UPDATE: The Eagles have since removed the jersey.

Thanks to reader Chris for passing this along. We confirmed that, indeed, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie's jersey is available as a customizable option on the Eagles' website.

Unlike MLB, most of the NFL shops are ran by the team- not the league.

What likely happened here (I know because this used to be my job with MLB) is that someone in the marketing department was preparing for a trade and pressed the "go live" button before they shoud have. Interesting, though.

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  1. I’m surprised they didn’t chalk this up to some mistake and take it down yet..can you still buy a Kolb jersey on the site? that would be even more telling if you couldn’t..

  2. Kyle did he send you that photo or did you take a screen shot on your own? It’s gone already. Seems fishy either way.

  3. this is totally fake story. that drop down is made up. if you go on the site it looks totally different and cromartie is not an option. what a joke this site is for reporting this. just more idiot drunk fans.

  4. @joe the drop down is completely different because this picture was taken on an ipad or possibly OSX Lion, cool it.

  5. totally made up with fake screen shot. its a shame that this was picked up nationally as it just makes us look bad. more evidence that the blogs are the ultimate downfall of journalism.

  6. It’s not fake, I saw it 30 min ago myself. Just because it’s no longer there you doubt too much.

  7. @Joe’s views on the downfall of Journalism have some merit… I mean, for a guy who spends all day and night in his mothers basement switching from redtube to blogs, he should be regarded as an expert in the field.
    Running on an apple product, the screen shot looks exactly that way.

  8. Guys, let’s let Joe have his moment in the sun. He couldn’t WAIT to point out that the screen looks different on his toshiba than it does on your iPad screen shot provided, so YOU must be the liar because all hail Joe’s toshiba. Joe, will you rent me your toshiba so I can see what you see and we can call Crossing Broad a liar together?

  9. why is he listed as #29? is nate allen gona be like “oh yea i didn’t just have a great season [rookie or not], and you just got here, and oh by the way you cant tackle worth dick, but no go ahead, you deserve MY number.”

  10. did anyone check to see what number they had nate allen listed at when cromartie was listed at 29? this was the first and will be the last time i ever read this site.

  11. I know that I personally, with my car full of kids on a summer day, cannot get out of the Starbucks or McDonalds drive-thru without spending ten or fifteen bucks, and I don’t think the two can even be measured against each other, what that small sum of money means to those affected by this drought.

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