It’s Official: NFL Lockout Over, We Celebrate

UPDATE 2: Adam Schefter reports that the deal is done.

UPDATE: There are conflicting reports as to when and where training camp will start.

Per a report on the NFL Network, the Eagles will start training camp Wednesday. To celebrate the end of the lockout, (@themightyerock) put together a little video for you. Hallelujah!


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  1. It seemed to me, they were already doing some of that right around the corner from my house. On a field the township built even though the tax payers didn’t really want it. Multimillionaires were using it, for free, while they squabble with billionaires…. yeah.. Did anyone hear Trevor Laws quoted? “He doesn’t care about missing spring training because he only gets paid 700 dollars a week, which is nothing.” This is what we’re dealing with folks. A lot of rich people who have no clue that people who make 500 dollars a week and can barely pay the bills will scrape together 80 bucks to watch their team play. So the players can continue driving in their Bentlys and other assorted wastes of $$$.

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