ESPN Asked Jayson Werth if He Regrets Stealing $126 Million, He Does Not

Werth_moneyPhoto source: Lehigh Valley Live

For as much joking around we do about Jayson Werth being bitter and unhappy in Washington (which may very well be the case), he is still going to be paid $126 million over the next seven years to play mediocre+ baseball, win or lose. Something tells me he is plenty content with his current standing… even if it is fourth place.

Put in his situation, I think most of us would consider our World Series ring and opt for the big payday. His perceived bitterness seems to come from the fact that the Phillies or another team that is – oh I don't know – good didn't offer him the same contract. It just so happens the Nationals were the only team dumb enough to shell out $126 million dollars to a borderline all-star. 

ESPN asked Werth if he was unhappy about stealing money:

"I definitely want to (dispel) the idea that I'm not happy,'' Werth told "Other than my offensive production — which I'm OK with because I know it's going to turn around — I'm happy with my decision.

I definitely miss my teammates in Philly and I miss playing there and all that. But I've turned the page and I feel good about my decision. I see the future of this organization and where it's going, and I'm really satisfied and I really like it here. When I'm in my seventh year, I think I'll look back and go, 'That was a really good career move.' "


I'm OK with my offensive production because I know it's going to turn around. Thanks for clarifying, Jayson. The Lerner family was waiting with bated breath for you to accept your initial failures. But yes, that definitely was a really good career move… for you.

Bitter beard? Perhaps. But I don't think Werth is losing sleep over signing an undeserved contract. Hard-hitting questions from ESPN, though.

Here's his sideburn adorned bobblehead that will be given away this month by the Frederick Keys, one of Jayson's minor league teams. Why sideburns? Well, because he used to have them.

Werth_bobbleheadPhoto: DC Sports Blog

Looks like he swung over that slider, too.


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  1. Looks like the O’s had some extra Brady Anderson bobbleheads hanging around from the 90’s and sold them to the Nats

  2. He’s got a third bobblehead coming out later this month with the Bowie Baysox (July 25th against Bryce Harper & the Harrisburg Senators). Apparently it’s in honor of when Jayson played catcher back in the day with the Baysox. Funny thing is, apparently that’s the same day as the “Mutt Monday” where fans can bring their dog with them to the park.

  3. Werth is overpayed. But so is half the league. And for anyone who is a Phillies fan or writes about the Phillies that expects the Nats to continue to live in the basement, well you aren’t paying attention. Sure they aren’t a legitimate threat to win the division or even the Wild Card this year, but they are getting better. They have received pretty good pitching production where it wasn’t expected. They have Morse on the final vote ballot, Danny Espinosa turning into a home run hitting 2nd baseman as a rookie, Strasburg coming back soon, and that cocky #1 draft pick coming up through the system. You can’t expect them to be the same last place team forever. PS, I am just an observant Phillies fan.

  4. I don’t understand why you write some of the stuff you do. This comes across as a hard-dick, bitter fan perspective. What the hell is Werth guilty of, taking $50MM more than to stay here? Well sign me up, and anyone that is not completely out of their minds if that’s the case. Don’t get too cozy with the 7 year shots either. The Phillies weren’t exactly lighting the world on fire in 2004 and I’m pretty sure there is only 1 team in baseball right now that would even be in 2nd place if they played in this division.

  5. I’m an observant Phillies fan too, and the gNats will ALWAYS be a hapless bottom feeder. It’s simply the natural order of things in baseball. But hey, if someone offered me $126 million, you’re damn right I’d sign on the dotted line. Mama Flash didn’t raise no fool!

  6. ESPN should ask that same question to GM Rizzo, not Werth. Werth gets paid even if his hair falls out and bats .200. Rizzo, on the other hand, may have buyers regret. A good qustion asked to the wrong person: reason #1001 sports interviews are as useless as Paris Hilton in an operating room.

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