Fun From ASG Media Day: Cliff Lee Speaks Chinese, Brian Wilson’s Beard, Jackie Autrey and Bill Giles’ Awkward Exchange



Oh God, the sports world is slowing to a crawl.

Finally, Jackie Autry and Bill Giles exchange awkward barbs… followed by utter silence.

It's that kind of a day, folks.

Cliff Lee photo via the Phillies and Wilson from (@ajcbraves). We'll get video of that Lee thing if we can find it.

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16 Responses

  1. yeah, slow news day. And there’s nothing not funnier than old people we don’t know or care about trying to be funny…

  2. I love baseball translated in simple chinese is wǒ ài bàngqiú. Sounds like WALL – EYE – BANGCHO. When the video goes up, see if Lee really sounds like this.

  3. well I thought I was going to have to jump in a cold shower after viewing the hotness of cliff lee, but that old lady with the turquoise necklace did the trick instead.

  4. Which one is the uglier man, Brian Wilson or Jackie Autry? (And Kyle, it’s spelled Autry, no ‘e’)
    @Dan- I almost pissed myself at your comment.

  5. As tough as it might be to say for me, especially after that final game of the NLCS last year…I’d love to hate him, but Brian Wilson is seriously fucking hot.

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