Harry Kalas Statue to be Unveiled on August 14th

And he will look glorious.

According to CBS Philly, the seven-foot bronze Harry Kalas statute, sculpted by Larry Nowlan, will be unveiled on August 14th. The statue will be placed behind the left field foul pole, just next to Harry The K’s, before the Sunday afternoon game against the Nationals.

The statute is a fan-funded gift, which was accepted by the Phillies in March.

As is required with all Harry Kalas posts, here’s CSN’s HK tribute after the bump.

via Philly Post

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8 Responses

  1. Damn I miss Harry. There will truly never be another!!
    I’m glad he’s getting a statue in the stadium. Someday, I’ll take my kids to a game and show them the statue and tell stories of all the great Harry calls, and I know I wont be the only one.

  2. Hey, rather than having a statue of Harry all alone, I’d like to see a releef of Harry and Whitey in the booth togehter. Good stuff those old memories of them together.

  3. Are we really going to sit here and pretend that the sculptor isn’t shaping a giant phallus in this photo?

  4. Klaus: Yes, we are. ^_^
    Meanwhile, I miss Harry too. He was one in a million.

  5. does anyone else have a problem with the Phils not footing some of the bill for the statue?

  6. No, not at all Adam. It means more as a gift from the fans, collected a few dollars at a time. When I see it, I know a few of my pennies went into it for him and his family.This one is between us schmoes and Harry.
    The Phillies gave him a nice plaque on the Wall, a funeral, a huge booth plaque, High Hopes, etc. It’s not like they never recognized him.

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