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We're just getting nutty now… CB reader extraordinaire Riley, super sleuth, took stalking to a new level today- he sought out Hunter Pence's girlfriend on Twitter and asked her thoughts on possibly coming to Philly, not that she has any control over the matter. Sounds like someone is into postseason baseball…

Adjust your creeper meter, folks. You won't find this in the Inquirer:

We have no idea [what's going to happen]. Slightly frustrating.

Philly is a nice place…

I believe you! I hear fall is pretty there! :) I've never watched a live playoff game. ^_^

I chimed in – telling her I was a blogger – Hunter have any thoughts about coming to Philly?

Is the sky blue? ^_^ Positive thoughts all around for sure.


I'm not sure what the bunny ears are – nor do I care – but when asked about coming here and cheering for the Eagles (she used to cheer for the Texans)… this:

Whew!! It would nice to dance for another NFL team! 🙂 Dancing for the Texans was a blast.


Yeah, we like her.