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Warning: Google Translate article. Take this all with a grain of salt, as a lot gets lost in translation. Literally.

Bryz held a press conference for a youth goaltending camp is he running (sponsoring?) in Russia. has the transcript of an interview they did with him, including one part where Bryz talked a lot about Philadelphia. Nothing too earth shattering here, but since we haven't heard much from him… it's something. Enjoy.

– The other day you signed a nine-year contract with "Philadelphia" at $ 51 million and became the highest paid hockey player in the world with sezone-2011/12 salary of $ 10 million, however, you already overtaken forward, "Rangers' Brad Richards ($ 12 million) … 

– Do not even thought about it.

– It's flattering?

– I just did not pay attention.

– Were surprised that in "Philadelphia," began a violent restructuring? You came, but then were traded Mike Richards and Jeff Carter …

– How to explain? It's part of our business. This should not be surprised. We accepted the rules of the game. Each can be changed at any time. If the guide, "Flyers" has decided, therefore, it is necessary for them.

– … And then the "pilots" [editors note: heh] came to Jaromir Jagr.

– I am very happy. Grand Master, which will definitely help us. By the way, we are familiar with Jaromir. After the lockout, I went to Omsk, even signed a contract with the "vanguard."And two months he worked at the training camp with Jagr.

– On the "Philadelphia" say that there is now "changing room Cicero."

– Why?

– Because it met three bright speaker – Bryzgalov, Jagr and Pronger.

– But we're not in ancient Rome – Ilya laughs. – I do not think there will be many in the locker room chatter. We have a common goal – to win the Stanley Cup. We have nothing to share.

– I meant that journalists were delighted. Now, after every match, "Philly" they are waiting for smart interviews.

– If you feel that way – try not to disappoint the press.

– In the late '90s for "Edmonton" Khabibulin played and Shtalenkov. Now the second time in the history of hockey, when a team of NHL goalies came Russian duo.

– It's great that my partner in "Philadelphia" will , Sergei Bobrowski . I long ago did not play as a team with the Russian. A couple of years ago, advocated the "Phoenix" with Enver Lisin - and since there was none.

No problem get along with foreigners. I do not have anybody a bad relationship. But I really want to meet Bobrovsky. I can not wait to see you. We will have to work together to win the Stanley Cup.


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– Where are going to live in Philadelphia?

– I do not know. To arrive at a place to understand. To know the city. Understand where the good areas. Where do I go closer to the rink, and children – to school. See how many nuances.

– You need to know what you will do in 2020?

– Stability is important, of course. I know that I have signed a long contract with "Philadelphia." He has to work – a match for the match, year after year.

– Play hockey, like Hasek, up to 46 years?

– Well you have seen the future! Now I'm only 31. Let's not run ahead of the locomotive.

– Fans laughed: why Bryzgalov went on holiday to Turkey? You can also go to the Maldives was, or to Australia!

– You are right, usually with a family we went to Hawaii. But plans have changed due to the fact that on 1 July, I went to the free-agent market. I did not want to bother with visas, and I asked friends, where you can go. They said – Fly to Turkey, there is good. Advised one hotel boast …

I used to trust your friends, especially since they always choose the perfect place to relax.He came and stayed … disappointed.

– Let the pleasant. Describe your perfect vacation.

– I love the sea, the ocean. I need a good four-room house at twenty paces from the beach.To be still and quiet. I can not stand the noise. And the sun, by the way, also do not like. I try to go to the T-shirt. Sun does not spare anyone.

– But you have long lived in California.

– There's a different climate. Sun soft. Very difficult to burn. And I really did not go to the beach – but I played for "Anaheim."

– The "Philadelphia" reputation of the fight club of NHL. Now you are the expert – will appreciate the fight heavyweight Vladimir Klitschko vs. David Haye.

– I do not like fighting. Very boring, closed. There was no sight! The impression is that Klitschko, Haye much afraid of each other and did not want to risk it.

All the experts say in boxing, heavyweight champion that is no longer outstanding personalities. There are not enough second Tyson, Holyfield, Lewis . Colorful men who fearlessly went on the attack. The audience loved them … It is natural that now dominate the Klitschko brothers. They – the best because there is no strong competitors.

Ilya Bryzgalov recently wrote in his Twitter (@ bryzgoalie30): «All the fans of" Philadelphia ": be advised that the paint on my helmet! Someone suggested that Ivan Drago? "" Soviet sport "decided to help with ideas Bryzgalov. 

– Ilya, we asked for advice from visitors editorial portal Here the reader with the nickname Octopus Paul offers a stylized mask of a Soviet pilot headset.

– Do not like it!

Supermauz: – Head of Medusa the Gorgon, that opponents froze in horror!

– I do not like horror stories.

Coolheart1973: – Pilot in the La-5 on the one hand, and the MiG-29 on the other.

– I did not serve in the army. And I can not stand the military theme.

Mityayel: – Monochrome helmet like Tretiak …

– No, it's boring.

Tatar: – Yuri Gagarin.

– No.

Serginho: – Profile Chkalov.

– No.

– Why not?

– Why did not you?

Chelsea: – You were born on June 22. Maybe the drawings on the theme of the movie "go to fight some old people"?

– Why do people have such bellicose mood? Planes, headsets, fighter … I'm not going to fight with anyone!

Sanych: – Rocky Balboa, something on the box.

– This is the hackneyed theme in Philadelphia.

Flakzwilling: – Geometric shapes, so diffused in the eyes of the goalkeeper. And the flame-colored helmet. Let the contenders will be in shock.

– I think they will not be distracted. This is misleading.


I'm sure the word "hackneyed" doesn't tranlate very well from Russian. But I couldn't agree more.