J.C. Romero to the Yankees

The Yankees were unable to obtain one Lee (Clifton Phifer). However, today, they signed the next best thing: J.C. Romero.

According to Buster Olney, Romero was released by the Nationals and signed with the Yankees. Romero was told he would be placed on the Nationals' Major League roster by July 15th. When it became apparent that would not happen, Romero reportedly requested his release.

He may pitch in AAA tonight for the Yankees in Scranton.

He really was never the same since the PEDs…


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  1. Actually, Geoff, it could. If using PEDs allowed him to throw 4-5 MPH faster with his normal delivery, he could be a major league pitcher. Once he got caught (if it really was PED/steroid use) and could no longer use them, he’d lose velocity. That would cause him to have to throw that much harder to get up to that velocity that allowed success. What happens when pitchers overthrow to increase velocity? Yeah, they lose control.
    You can connect the dots and see how that would be the effect. I still don’t necessarily believe it though- I think he’s a typical reliever who is mediocre, then serviceable, then integral, then goes back to being mediocre or even bad. Relief pitcher’s careers go in waves of success (see: Cormier, Rheal), and J.C. may come back at some point, or he may just be done.

  2. J.C. has been done since 2009. Had plenty of chances here to regain his control. He stinks. I hope he actually pitches for the Yank-mee’s.

  3. JC was a disgrace after he got off the juice but I’ll tell you 1 thing, He had the best mother fu*king Fade in MLB. Always tight & sharp

  4. Man, thank goodness he is out of here. I still cringe at when he threw something like 10 balls in a row last year. At the very least I’m pretty sure it was 8.

  5. When the hapless, bottom feeding Nationals want nothing to do with you, it’s time to give up baseball and look for a whole new occupation. Yankees fans are gonna just love J.C. when he comes into games to START fires rather than put them out.

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