Jimmy Rollins Announces His Havana Nights Fundraiser


Pure, unadulterated swag.

Jimmy Rollins is hosting the perfect after World Series party in November: Havana Nights at the Constitution Center.

From the webpage:

The evening will feature Cuban music, food, cocktails, and cigars for an evening of fine dining and live entertainment. Live and silent auctions will be featured throughout the event.

Havana Nights will highlight dishes from Cuba Libre Restaurant, paired with Mojitos, rum and wine tastings. This will be a culinary experience with a chic ambiance that sets us apart from the ordinary gala. The event will feature Cuban Salsa dancing and other live entertainment.

The event will be celebrity driven, as Jimmy Rollins, with the Philadelphia Phillies, will invite his friends from the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB as well as musicians, actors and television personalities to attend. These celebrities will join our key sponsors in a private VIP area that features cigar rolling and rum tasting.


I really, really want to roll cigars with Cliff Lee, like, unhealthily so.

Tickets are $350 each. We'll try to media our way in and report back. Carry on.


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  1. So in other words, pay $350 to eat a Cubre Libre dinner that you can get for about $50 per person and look at the sports ahtletes and other celebrities from their VIP section. I will pass and just wait until I see them drunk around town.

  2. “Havana Nights”. Wasn’t that the title of an Eddie Murphy movie WAY back when he actually had a career?

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