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Ahh China.

We'll let reader Gray explain:

On this knock off jersey site – they are selling Wayne Simmonds 2010 Winter Classic Jerseys.

Is Marty McFly screwing around with a Delorean again? This is like when Biff went from drunk middle management to Owner of an auto detailing business because Marty tried to feel up his mom in 1955. Ok it’s not exactly like that, but still.



Looks like the factory had some leftover One Seven jerseys. And a time machine. Now, if only a score of twenty-something coeds could take a step back in time and swap Carts for Simmonds, well, they might never go back.

You'll get that in a second.

And oh, China, Homer would like to speak with you about this whole time travel thing. There are six years of promises that he would like to take back.