Michael Vick, Nice Guy, Sold His PS3 to a College Student

Boy, you talk about hard hitting journalism, how about this headline from Philly.com: He’s Michael Vick, a genuinely nice guy? 

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Cutting edge, bro. Cutting edge.

Anyway, in a story in today’s Daily News, Lauren McCutcheon details the positive things Vick has done both privately and in the community. It’s a solid read, if not a bit Ashley Fox tugs David Akers-ey

The best – most awkward – anecdote details the time Michael Vick sold his PS3 to a college kid.

Kyle Glover, a 24-year-old Temple student, was in line at Best Buy on Columbus Boulevard when Michael Vick stepped behind him. The two got to talking about video games and how Vick prefers the Xbox 360 [editors note: boooooo] over Sony's system. When Glover told Vick that he was about to purchase a PS3, Vick said he had one he never used and would sell it to Glover, along with a few games and controllers… for $200. Really.


A brand new PS3 console, with game and controllers, would run you about $350 at Gamestop. So while Vick’s offer was a discount (it’s not clear if his system was still in the box), it’s not exactly like Mr. Indebted Millionaire Quarterback was performing charity. This was business, yo.

Here’s where the story gets banana sandwich: [Philly.com

"I was like, I love my Eagles, and you're like one of my favorite football players, and it's for real," he recalled. He followed the quarterback into the parking lot, then to Vick's high-rise condo building on North Columbus Boulevard.

K.G. waited in the building's lobby. One of Vick's buddies brought the game down to him. K.G. took it home, plugged it in, and . . .

It didn't work. "I'm thinking, he sold me a broke PlayStation," said K.G. "But then, I'm like, he's a millionaire. He's not gonna jerk me."

He drove back to Vick's building and left him a note. Not 10 minutes later, his phone rang. It was Vick, apologizing. Turns out K.G.'s old TV wasn't compatible with the game system. A couple of days later, the player and the fan undid the swap. Vick told K.G. to keep the games. Then he did something else: He scored K.G. tickets to that week's home game.


You sold my dead bird to a blind kid? Petey didn't even have a head! 

So yeah, Vick sold his PS3 to a college student. The good news, however, is that the Michael Vick Experience accepts refunds. Just remember to bring your receipt… or leave a note at his condo.


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  1. “Boy, you talk about hard hitting journalism, how about this headline from Philly.com:”
    Well at least they write their own stories.

  2. This particular journalist is a FEATURES writer, not a sports writer, so I’d leave the sarcastic remarks about “hard hitting journalism” at the curb.

  3. You like the PS3? It’s a horrid mess. 360’s games at least upscale to 1080p.

  4. 360 interpolation is ugly as hell. Better off using a game’s native 720p and having your 1080p TV do the upscaling anyway.
    Also, this kid just needed to do a simple Google search. You just need to reset the PS3 to defaults by holding down the power button through a power cycle and then it will work at 480i or whatever his old TV needed…

  5. Hahaha the best part is, the kid couldnt get it to work on his tv. Like olo said, its a simple tasks to make them compatible. That Temple education is paying off! (It was a joke Temple grads, dont get all bent out of shape)
    Looks like this kid neems a little trip to LAVI’S DRY ISLAND!!!!

  6. I don’t have any interpolation on my HDTV setup with the 360 hookup. Also to assume that the 360 is responsible for interpolation is a moronic statement because its never been tested. While it COULD be the 360 responsible, no hard evidence is apparent.
    The PS3 still blows. I have one but only really use it for Blu-ray purposes. I own MGS, uncharted and a GoW game and thats it. The network has been hacked to holy hell on top of all that. Longer disc read times isn’t always pretty either.

  7. Huh? The 360 does hardware upscaling. Whether by interpolation, bicubic, or some other sort of re-scaling is irrevelant; let your TV do that work. There aren’t many games on either system that are natively 1080p but some on PS3 support it anyway through software scaling and 360 does it by some hardware mechanism. If the native intended res of a game is 720p though, set your console for that and let your TV do the work. If watching a 1080p Bluray though, of course you want it to send 1080p signal.
    If that’s not what you meant, then I don’t know what you did.

  8. $200 for an arcade game!? Whatever happened to the days of nickle pinballs?
    BTW, I have a distant cousin named Nickle Balls O’Leary, because he was conseeved in a nickelodeon. At least he can call himself Nicky for short. Hahahahah

  9. I have both and 360 is by far a better gaming system, better exclusive titles, more users online and more competative online gaming … PS3 has Blu-Ray and the show

  10. That college student is the single biggest dumbass in the world.
    I’m assuming Vick had the PS3 connected to the TV via HDMI. I also assume that the college student would be connecting it via normal red/white/yellow A/V cables. When the student got it home and plugged it in, it “didn’t work.”
    The PS3 does not know to change TV settings automatically, you have to to tell IT. To do so, hit the power button and hold your finger on it for about 5 seconds. It’ll beep to turn on after you first press it, then after a couple seconds it’ll beep again three times. After the second set of beeps, the PS3 will re-adjust automatically.
    Little bit of research, and that boy would still have Vick’s PS3. Sucks to be him.

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